Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Due to some car problems, I had to change my morning routine. I still got my run in, but it was from home, rather than through the trails of Highland Park. I took advantage of the local golf course and ran 6 of my 8 miles on it. Figuring the footing was a lot better than on the trails, I decided to throw in six 30 second strides with 90 seconds rest.

After the run I dropped my car off at the garage and walked/jogged about a mile to Hertz to rent a car so I could get to work. They opened at 7. I got there at 7:15 only to find that they didn’t have any cars.

What? Isn't that what they do – rents cars?

It’s kind of hard to make money if you don’t have any cars to rent.

Luckily there was an Enterprise a block away. Maybe it’s because they didn’t have any compacts, but $50+ a day seems steep to me. Although it’s kind of fun to drive something different, like the Chrysler Sebring they gave me, I probably could have taken a taxi to work for less. At least that way I wouldn’t have to worry about getting into an accident in a car that’s not mine.

I’m happy to report that I’m back on the interview bandwagon; here’s my latest one.

Finally, I’ll mention that Chris Lundstrom, Brad Lowery, and Kristen Nicolini-Lehmkuhle have all updated their journals. I admit I think these journals are interesting just because these guys/gals are freaks – and I mean that in the nicest way. With that said, I’ll mention that Chris Lundstrom’s entries are also great because he’s a terrific writer. If you have limited time, I highly recommend at least reading his stuff.

Quote of the day;
“Then I’m out on the Trials course in Central Park, seeing the race that is soon to come, imagining circumstances and outcomes, nudging my body and mind into a higher state of preparedness…a little bit each day. Ultimately, all I want from the Trials race is to hit the finish line knowing I pushed as hard as I possibly could. All the preparation is aimed to that end. Never hanging it all out on the line in the workout, but always edging up against that razor-thin line between quality training and overtraining. I finish every workout knowing I could have gone a little faster or a little longer. Hopefully I’ll finish the Trials knowing I could not possibly have done more than I did.” - Chris Lundstrom

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