Friday, December 01, 2006


I have a desk calendar at work and at the beginning of each month I do a quick calculation and set a mileage goal for the month. At the start of November, I think I wrote down something like 225 or 230. I quickly realized that was too low, so I erased it and wrote in 250. It turns out that was too low also, as last night’s 8 mile progession run gave me 290 miles for the month – my highest November ever, by 16 miles. I ran every day, including 5 doubles.

I started December off with an easy 10 miles this morning. It was kind of tough getting out of bed after running till 9 PM last night, but I was glad I got out the door (rather than having to double-up today). I was dreading the first 2-3 steps of my run. That’s all it usually takes to tell if I’m going to feel sore or not. No need to worry though, as I was actually surprised by how good my legs felt this morning.

Here’s a story of a local University of Minnesota physician who had someone run TCM for him so he could qualify for Boston. He mentioned wanting to run Boston in order to raise money for a charity. What gets me is that the BAA would probably let him run if they knew that. I also like the photo of the guy who ran for him. If you’re going to cheat for someone, wouldn’t you try to avoid cameras?

Quote of the day;

“If it hurts, make it hurt more.” – Percy Cerutty


Ryan said...

Sweet November, Zeke. Truly awesom.

I have no sympathy for the schmuck who tried to cheat. I busted my ass to get to Boston, and so should he.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on topping your November miles.