Friday, December 15, 2006


Hmm, things seem slow in blogland lately. I don’t have too much substance to report either, just a bunch of odds and ends.

Filed under “It’s a small world” category, one of my high school buddies emailed me this morning saying he bumped into another runner who knew me. It turns out it was Matt Gabrielson. That’s pretty weird.

I’m sure everyone has heard someone bitch about how bad Runner’s World is now versus 25-30 years ago. One of the writers from the 30th anniversary issue of Running Times did a nice job writing about the changes to the running community and having to “respond to the needs of all runners, not just those at the top of the sport.”

Walking through Barnes and Noble lately, it seems like authors and publishers are realizing this too. Here are the titles I spotted recently; Marathoning for Mortals, No Need for Speed, Non-Runner’s Marathon Training, Teach Yourself How to Run a Marathon (Are you really teaching yourself if you have to buy a book?), and my personal favorite, Treadmill Training for Runners. And seeing the cover of this book always makes me smile because I went to college with the guy in the white tank top.

Training-wise, I ran an easy 5 miles yesterday morning. Last night I ran 8 miles on the treadmill, including 6 miles at 7:00 pace. This morning was another easy 5 miles. Since this is a cutback week, I’ve been planning on getting in 50-55 miles. It’s weird because I keep adding up my mileage over-and-over. For some reason, I think I’m going to be short. Today I was like, “Do I really only have to run 5 miles?” I guess it’s weird because in college that would be my peak mileage week – now it’s a cutback week.

Team USA Minnesota athletes continue to update their journals. Check out Andrew Carlson’s and Brad Lowery’s updates. Also, a few of the California athletes have updated entries.

Kind of slow at work, so I was able to check out for the first time in awhile. As a result, I found the best description of Lydiard’s program yet. It makes the quote of the day;

“It's not a fast-food formula. You can't expect to go through a drive-through and expect to have the entire meal handed to you in minutes.”Nobby


Allez said...

I never thought Runner's World was bad, granted I've never had anything else to compare it to.

massoman said...

good quote.

runners world's job is to sell mags for rodale press, which they will do using headlines like "never bonk again" and other such enticing lines. i gotta knonw how to never do that again. i know what you mean though. the format can get tired pretty fast.

running has changed a lot over the years and now includes such a mix of people... like big, old bald guys who started running late in life. i smile at the "massage for dummies" book.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Runner's World fan but I bought the most recent issue since I know Carrie Tollefson. The Terry Fox story in that issue was really interesting and worth the cost of the magazine (this time).