Wednesday, December 06, 2006


One thing I’ve been neglecting lately is updating the links on my other blog. As a result, I missed a journal update by my new favorite runner. Alright, my new favorite male runner.

Reading Matt’s account of the NYC Marathon makes me realize these guys are just like us – only much, much faster. He talks about drinking black & tans, the emotions surrounding his marathon debut, being more impressed with being around some of the best marathoners in the world/U.S. than Lance, watching what other athletes are eating and how they’re warming up, being scared of the abyss, 2:12, and best of all, chasing his dreams.

As for my favorite female runner, here’s a nice article, mainly on her NYC Marathon experience. I haven’t figured out why the author didn’t break it into paragraphs. It’s really annoying, but worth the read.

Keeping with the Minnesota theme, if you haven’t seen the January issue of Running Times, which celebrated their 30th anniversary, you may want to check it out. Carrie Tollefson is on the cover along with a nice 3-page interview. This should not to be confused with Runner’s World where she appears on only the cover. I looked for an article on her, but didn’t see one so I didn’t buy it.

Also in Running Times, Katie is named the top female road racer in the U.S. and is featured in the high school scrapbook section. Finally, Gloria is featured as this month’s Age Group Ace.

If the Minnesota theme isn’t enough for you, check out Pfitz’s article on what we’ve learned over the last 30 years, as well as 30 years of carbo loading and 30 years of marathon training.

Nothing exciting to report, training-wise, today. I just ran 7 miles at 8:15 pace. That’ll be my recovery day for the week.

Quote of the day;

“I sincerely hope that everyone who has ever accomplished or failed to accomplish their goals, at one time or another, can find something they are passionate about and pursue it to the best of their abilities. I really think that one of the most unique things a person can do is throw all caution to the wind and chase a dream no matter the opinion of anyone else. Even if that dream eludes you at least you can look back on the hunt and know you gave something you care about very much a fair shot. I definitely owe this to myself and so do you. I truly believe that.” – Matt Gabrielson

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Arcane said...

how can you not buy a copy of runner's world this month?! There's an article on the most inspirational runner of all time, Terry Fox!