Friday, December 22, 2006


Hopefully this post won’t get “lost” due to the holidays. This just in: Carrie Tollefson is attractive. I know, I know, it shocked the hell out of me too. I’m glad the Independent of Marshall, MN was able to get a quote from Carrie. Thanks to Kim for forwarding me the story.

Kim suggested I come up with my own list, but I think I’ll stay away from that one.

I’m editing this post to add the actual SI link to their top-20. Okay, I may not create my own list, but Marion Jones at #14? And no Natalie Gulbis or Jenny Finch?

In case you’re wondering, I bowled a 116 and a 117 yesterday. I’m nothing, if not consistent. I figured if I had played another 80 games or so, I’d approach 200.

As for my running, I’d rather feel like crap during a recovery day than a workout day. So I guess I should be happy that I felt good yesterday and terrible today. I slogged through 4 miles at 9:10 pace this morning. We did get a little snow yesterday, which made it slippery and a little slower than normal. However, the slow pace is more an indication of tired legs. I guess that means I actually did a little work the last few days. I’m planning on getting in another 4-6 miles sometime this afternoon.

Quote of the day;

“You have to be a little bored to be doing really good training.” – Marty Liquori


Don said...

It's a real treat to watch her run

MB said...

looks like your efforts are better towards running than bowling although bowling probably offers the greatest amount of improvement

Justin said...

I've always been a fan of Becky Hammon's looks (#16) and I definitely think she should be ranked higher than some of those other girls, but I agree with you on the omissions of Gulbis and Finch. The question is, where would you rank them?

massoman said...

bowling: its a sport, its a repetative motion syndrome!
the sad thing is, i am a better runner than bowler as well.

carrie's got such great abs.

massoman said...

bowling: its a sport, its a repetative motion syndrome.
sadly, i too am a better runner than i am a bowler.

you have to love carrie's abs

interesting quote.