Friday, September 22, 2006


I’m excited. Duncan had a post regarding questions he should ask Brian Sell during an interview. These interviews end up on this awesome site.

That’s not what got me excited, but it got me thinking – along with Eric’s email today that I should write a book. I’m not up to that task, but I mentioned that I’d like to be involved with covering the sport on a regional level.

Then I thought; “Why couldn't I do something like, but on a Twin Cities basis?” Heck, even if I just start out by interviewing people in the area, there has to be some interest, right?

I started listing runners who I have email address for and I came up with like 60 names. Of course they’re not all super studs, but I think there’s a lot of talent, along with some “special interest” stories. There’s a couple of coaches, some triathletes (including an IM Hawaii qualifier), a few couples, some Olympic Marathon Trials qualifiers, a guy doing 50 states, a guy who did a relay in Alaska, a Pike’s Peak Doubler, a 400/800 guy, etc.

I’m very curious what you guys think, especially my local readers. Is this something that you think would be interesting? Any thoughts, concerns, feedback? All comments are more than welcomed.


massoman said...

i think you should,excuse the pun, run with it, zeke. it's a natural extension of what you're already doing.

Lance Notstrong said...

I think that would be kickass!!! And I don't think everyone you interview would have to be a "super stud" to have an interesting story.

Anonymous said...

hey Zeke, I have been (silently) reading and enjoying your blog for about a year now. I agree with your attitutes and definitely respect the training you do. I love reading about local runners, Team USA MN, super studs, and others, so I think you have a great idea and the writing ability to do it.
On an unrelated matter, and I apologize in advance for the solicitation, but I thought you might be a good resource for this... I'm the volunteer coordinator for the finish line of TCM and we are desparately in need of some more volunteers to help with security on Sunday. I know you are a great supporter and have a lot of contacts in the running community. Would you mind terribly getting the word out? I can give anyone more info if they contact me directly at Sorry again for the random request.
Thanks for keeping such an entertaining blog! Go Twins!

Anonymous said...

Great idea. I think that this is the kind of thing the internet and blogging technology is so well suited for. You could even make some money off blogads it it gets going well! And I think there's probably a readership for this kind of thing. My sense is that in a place like the Twin Cities people are interested in the stories of the local runners and seeing them interviewed.

If I had to give gratutitous advice I'd say start modestly and build up. Good interviews take a surprising amount of time once you've contacted people, done the interview and transcribed. Transcription is the real time suck. If you have a video camera you could post videos of interviews?

Some people interview well over email if they're naturally good writers, but others for whatever reason aren't and you might have to record an interview and transcribe. A 15 minute interview can take an hour or more to transcribe, though as always it's the last 10% of accuracy that takes a lot of the time. If you/your interviewers aren't concerned about getting quotes exactly right then maybe less.

But bottom line, great idea. Go for it!

Duncan Larkin said...

I'm all for anything that furthers our sport which is what your idea will do. It will also give you practice interviewing people.(I am learning about this art form myself.) Great idea, Zeke. Follow your passions and the day that you are a famous running journalist, please refer me to your agent; I got the sardonic running market cornered I think.

Dori said...

I think that would fill a need. I'm interested in learning more about the women runners, especially the master's women, who run the local races. These people are fast, at least to me, and I'd like to know how long they've been running, what they do to train, and stuff like that. I'm in the 50-54 age category, and there are women older than me who run twice as fast. When I look at the race results, I always think, "Who are these women?" I'd like to know more about them, and local publications don't say much about them.

brent said...

sounds good to me, i know very little of the local running scene.

Chad said...

Thanks for the support everyone. We'll see what happens.

Good advice, Evan. You can be my first interview.

Duncan, I hope Scott (from your blog) didn't think I was saying this would be a piece-of-cake that wouldn't take any time. I was just saying I think it's something I'd enjoy. And it's something that's missing from the Minnesota community.

Dori, thanks. If you have other ideas for questions, let me know. BTW, loved the story about you volunteering with Charlie. When I need to contact Carrie, I'll let you know. :)

Brent, you'll be my 2nd interview.

Duncan Larkin said...

Zeke, I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I suspect he was making the point that people usually do these things for money and since people for the most part don't like paying for running interviews, they are few and far between. Since he's a real, published, established, freelance journalist who depends on income for those things, I can see why he wrote what he did. I wouldn't read too much else into it.

Chad said...

Sounds good. Thanks.