Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Just an easy 6 miles Monday night while watching the Steelers and Jaguars duke it out. Last night I met my training group from Macalester College. The workout was 2 x 3 miles at MP minus 15 seconds with a one mile jog in-between. On the way over I was wondering if we’d be on the track or not. Since I’ve been doing most of my longer repeats on the track lately, I was actually hoping for a break.

Our coach was on the same page and we ended up running the Get in Gear 10k loop. Jenna and I ended up running together, but instead of doing 2 x 3 miles we basically just ran 1 x 6 miles around marathon pace – at least my marathon pace, I think Jenna was jogging. Throw in a warm-up and cool-down and we had close to 11 miles for the night.

During our cool-down I was telling her about my recent “6 degrees of separation” experience and how I "met" Tracy through my blog. During Saturday’s group run, Naz mentioned running with a gal during a 25K race. The gal turned out to be Tracy. During that same group run we saw Jenna running with a group of people. It turns out Tracy was in that group. So right now we’re at 4 degrees of separation, but I’m sure it’ll grow.

Anyway, the story was so “riveting” that she said she had to check out my blog so I sent her the link. I'd better take back all the bad things I've said about her on here. I warned her that she might be bored to tears. For my wide Philadelphia readership, Jenna is planning on running the Philly marathon. If you have a place to stay for her, let me know. Just kidding. That’s a little inside joke because Jenna just set up her non-running brother who lives in Chicago with a house guest, whom she “met” through, for marathon weekend.

As the President of her fan club, I should be all over this announcement. Thanks to Evan for sending the link.

Since we all like to talk about the weather, I'll close with this little nugget. It was 39 degrees this morning. It seems like our mornings went from 60-65 to 40-45 without any transition. I think this cold snap all but guarantees that it will be warm and muggy for TCM in 11 days.

Quote of the day;

“Some do well in other races, some run fast times, but they cannot do well in the ultimate, the Olympics…The question is not why I run this way, but why so many others can not.” – Lasse Viren on peaking


seebo said...

Hey, seriously, this Philly local says that if anybody here is running the Philly marathon and needs anything - from insider course info to a place to stay - let me know.

Mike said...

Zeke- not sure who flipped the weather switch but I can relate...definitely cooler here as well. I'm dusting off my winter gear here.
Be careful with the PF- hope it doesn't get any worse for you. Stay away from any docs who pull out the needle too soon- I'm dealing with that now!

Chad said...

Steve, she'd probably rather have you pace her to a 2:30 marathon.

Ryan, I was actually hoping the Sox would win so that the Twins would be in 1st place.

I'm happily married, but as for Katie she's a cute, red head who's super fast and sounds really cool. As Jenna pointed out though, I'm probably not the only member of her fan club.

Mike, I've never had PF, so I'm not sure if this is it or not. I've heard it can really knock you out for a long time. Luckily, the pain has only lasted a day.