Friday, September 22, 2006


I’ve just got a whole bunch of odds and ends on my mind today. No real, single coherent thought (do I ever?).

First, is an easy one; 1 month to go until Chicago.

Last night I ran an 8 mile progression run on the treadmill. I started around 9:40 pace and worked down to 6:40 pace. The entire run took 62 minutes. I had a different workout (2 x 3 miles) on the schedule, but I figured with a 10k on Saturday, I’d back-off a little. At this point I’d rather run a workout on Tuesday and a solid race on Saturday, rather than try to squeeze in 2 workouts and a race.

One thing I’ve noticed with all this treadmill running, I don’t have the same “deep thoughts” that I have while running outdoors. That’s probably because I’m too busy watching TV instead of being engrossed in my own thoughts. It probably makes for poor blog entries too, but what are you gonna do?

I did have a thought this morning regarding all the harping I do about increasing your mileage and challenging yourself. I think one of the reasons I keep mentioning that topic is because I wish someone would have beat that into my head 15 years ago when I was in my prime. Heck, 25 years ago would have been better. While my college coach was great, it was really up to you to run as much or as little as you wanted. There really wasn’t any “more is better” movement, no and no blogsphere at the time.

Speaking of "more is better" check out Jason Lehmkuhle's recent journal entry where he talks about his build up for TCM. It turns out his "down" weeks have been 120 mpw.

I have a question/observation if you watched CSI last night. How come the “crack staff” at CSI didn’t realize that the dead guy and the guy they were interrogating had the same (his and his) rings on their finger?

For you armchair chiropractors out there, check out I haven't checked it out too much, but Jim says it’s a good site. Although I’m kind of leery of anything with “wedgy” in it’s name.

How about this “top notch” information from regarding fantasy football;
Kevan Barlow may start Week 3 at Buffalo after Derrick Blaylock was held to seven yards on six carries last week. Barlow, though, didn't fare much better with 42 yards on 14 rushes.

No, 42 yards on 14 carries isn’t going to make the Pro Bowl, but I’d say he DID “fare much better” than the guy who ran 7 yards on 6 carries. That’s 3 yards/rush versus 1.2 yards/rush. Thanks for your in-depth analysis!

Quote of the day;

“What makes me happy about it is that, in a sport that doesn't have many opportunities to showcase itself, that we have built a meet here where we're able to do that.” - Steve Plasencia, talking about the Griak Invitational

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Lance Notstrong said...

Funny you mention "if you only knew then", a guy I work with ws telling me about his son in college that just did a triathlon for fun. He won it without much training (he is on the college cross team and was on swim team in college) but still, he didn't train specifically. I was thinking, "if he would only focus now, he would have such a head start on the competition".