Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Quick training update. I ran 6 easy miles on Sunday. No surprise that my calves were a little sore. Monday I managed to get back into my morning running routine. When did it start staying dark so long? I ran 10 miles and half of them were in the dark.

This morning I got up for an easy run before tonight’s workout, however my heel was sore again. And not the bruised kind of sore. It feels more like how I imagine PF (as in Phucking Fasciitis) to feel. I'll keep a close I on this one.

Instead of going back to bed I went into work early to tinker with my new project. Of course I added all my links and then blogger crapped out so I had to re-do everything at lunchtime. I haven’t double-checked the links, so I apologize if they’re not working. What do you think? Hopefully the interviews will be a little better. I just wanted to mess around a little.

Quote of the day;

“As I've mentioned before, being a running columnist has its perks, and if you don't drool on the legends, they tend to be very cooperative and very nice.” – Diane Sherrer

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