Friday, May 19, 2006


The first few minutes of last night’s run were miserable. I came ‘this close’ to turning around and heading home. But I didn’t and my leg did loosen up or go numb – one of the two. I decided to head to the track for a marathon paced workout; 3 x 2 miles with an 800 meter jog in between.

I started off easy, not knowing what to expect. Since I have in my mind that there’s really no point in running Grandma’s unless I can take a crack at sub-3, I started out at 7:00 pace. The pain in my leg actually felt better once I picked up the pace. Maybe that has something to do with being more efficient at a faster pace. There was still a dull ache with each stride, but I found that if I focused on something else, like my breathing, the pain was manageable. As long as I know that I won’t do further damage, I should be able to handle the pain. I ended up running 13:39, 13:44 and 13:42 for the repeats, which is right around 3:00 pace. So that's small victory. Aerobically I felt fine – probably since I should be running about 15-20 seconds faster per mile.

I made an appointment for Monday with the chiropractor who’s been giving me adjustment for the last 6 months. I have a dream that I have a pinched nerve and with an adjustment, everything will be fine; I’ll be back to running “normal” just in time for Grandma’s. I’ll PR by 3 minutes and then look back and laugh at this whole process. I might as well win the lottery too while I’m at it.

I’ll end with another Bob Kennedy quote from the interview I posted yesterday.

Quote of the day:
“Another thing was identifying athletes and groups of athletes better than me and seeking them out as people to train with and learn from. One of the things I learned was levels of intensity. Our minds--we sometimes subconsciously set barriers in our mind about what is hard and what’s not hard, and I found very quickly that what I thought was hard was actually a whole other level than what I was capable of doing. That’s a personal thing, meaning that you have to find your own barriers and your own limitations, and that’s what I think all of this is all about: honestly seeking out what your limitations are.” – Bob Kennedy


Trisaratops said...

Gotta take the little victories when they come, I guess...hope the leg situation is good and the doc says what you want to hear! :)

Richard Maas LMT, MTI said...

enjoying the kennedy quotes. good luck with the 'magic' adjustment :D

Susan said...

If the adjustment helps you win the lottery let me know. I'll fly up for one myslef.

psbowe said...

hope the chiropractor helped, not fun to run with pain.
Great quote.

Chad said...

Thanks everyone. Still waiting for the magic AND the powerball.

Richard, I checked out that book you mentioned, but it seemed really technical so I didn't buy it. That's interesting stuff though. Thanks again for the suggestion.