Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Oh yeah, I had an appointment with my family doctor last Friday. He took an x-ray of my leg. Of course, nothing showed up. If something had shown up, I wouldn’t have waited 5 days to post about it. He referred me to an orthopedic clinic. When I called to set up an appointment, I couldn’t get in until June 7th. And although the clinic is right across from my doctor’s office, I can’t meet the doctor there. I have to travel 15 miles out of my way to a hospital. WTF?

In addition, I have a phone book-size list of orthopedic doctors that are “in-network,” yet I get referred to one doctor. Maybe I never go to the doctor because it’s such a hassle – not because I’m stubborn – and I don’t understand this whole process. I called my doctor’s office and they said it all depends on my plan. Some plans require a referral, others don’t. If I need to get in earlier than the 7th I can call my doctor back and talk to him.

Hell, if I don’t run until the 7th, I’ll probably feel fine when my appointment rolls around. Then the visit will go something like this;

Dr.: What’s up?
Me: My leg hurts, er, I mean used to hurt.

Dr.: When did it start?
Me: 7 weeks ago.

Dr.: What were you doing?
Me: Running – lots; including lots of downhills.

Dr.: What are you doing now?
Me: Nothing, really. Well, a little gardening and some wood work. I’m still trying to blog too, but it’s hard. I’m running out of material – fast!

Dr.: Okay, let’s examine you. Does this hurt (as he bends my knee)?
Me: No.

Dr.: Does this hurt (as he flexes my ankle)?
Me: No.

Dr.: Does this hurt (as he applies pressure to my shin)?
Me: No.

Dr.: Well your time off must be helping. Keep it up.
Me: Hmm, okay. Is that it?

Dr.: Almost. That’ll be $500.

Dr.: (on my way out the door) Good luck!

No, I’m not bitter – really. I am trying to figure out the over-under on me actually making it to that June 7th appointment.

Last Friday’s quote of the day was also a link to this Pfitz article. I had not read the entire article until yesterday. I think it’s an interesting article that corresponds with what this blog is about. I didn’t want the link to get lost within the quote, so I’m re-posting the link.

Quote of the day:
“There’s no such thing as a bad carbohydrate.” – Don Kardong


Anonymous said...

If it were me, I'd blow the appt off. Specialists in the medical field seem to be a waste of time because A) they're don't really know your background and are not directly involved with you (and many don't really care), and B) it takes so long to get in to see them.

So have you made a decision about even going up to Duluth for Grandma's? Also, I assume you are registered for Chicago, since it closed last weekend.

Good luck with getting this figured out - or getting past it at the very least.

Chad said...

I'd just hate to blow it off and think I'm healed, only to start running again and not be healed. Then I'd have to set all this up again.

Yeah, I'm still going to watch Grandma's. And yeah, I'm signed up for Chicago. That'll be a family trip, so even if I can't run it, I'll be there too.

Chad said...

DGC and I haven't arranged a meeting, yet. Haven't seen her post in awhile and now it looks like someone stole her blog.

I don't see how Chicago could be worse. Even if I don't run, it'll be a nice family vacation.

Justin said...

Thanks for the comments, I'm still trying to get used to this whole blogging thing. I still have yet to ask Susan about formatting, but I have checked out her blog.

As for my 5K tomorrow, I'm not sure how I'm gonna do. My last 3 races have been in the mid 17's, but I haven't done any speed work in a month since I've been hurt. Plus it's supposed to be real warm tomorrow so I think I'm just gonna go out and try to run even splits and get some confidence back. Hopefully I can break 18.

And I'm not a big fan of Brad Johnson...he always seemed to have great games against the Lions when he was with the Vikings :)

Chad said...

Alright Justin, have a great race.

Also regarding Brad Johnson, you said "when he was with the Vikings." He's actually back with the Vikings. He took over after Daunte Culpepper got injured and will be their starting QB this fall since they traded Daunte.