Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Hmmm, just looking at my log book and I’ve gotten to the point where I run hard or I don’t run at all. I ran hills last Tuesday, 2-mile repeats Thursday and long on Sunday. That sounds like some program straight out of the latest Runner’s World magazine; “How to PR on just 3 days per week.” I think I’ve subconsciously convinced myself that the painful warm-up period just isn’t worth the effort during an easy recovery day.

Sunday’s long run was interesting. I ran the first hour solo and basically thought about my leg the whole way. Then I ran with Jenna for another 90 minutes. Again, the pace was quicker than my solo effort, so I felt pretty good. It helped having someone to run with, so my only focus wasn’t on my leg. The last 15-20 minutes of this run I was running on fumes and just happy to roll down hill and make it back. Jenna was kind enough to stay with me even though I’m sure we were going much slower than she’s used to. It must be my charming personality that kept her around.

I saw my chiropractor last night and got an adjustment. It's too early to tell if it worked. I was planning on waking up today feeling like a million bucks, but that didn’t happen. This gal is a little "out there" – in a naturalistic sort of way. For example, she told my wife if she would juice with green veggies her rheumatoid arthritis would go away. She apparently thinks VERY highly of the kidneys too. She mentioned that my right kidney was stronger than my left - because my left leg is sore. WTF? She was asking if I was hydrated and told me to drink red and/or blue fruit juices. Anyway, I'll try cutting back on coffee and drinking more cranberry juice. We'll see...

Oh, she also said "good luck" as I was heading out the door. All I could think was, "Luck is not what I need right now."

Right now part of me wants to run Grandma's and then get this thing figured out - even if it means taking 3 months off and missing Chicago. Another part of me would rather watch Grandma's and cheer on people I know and then hopefully be ready to run Chicago. I’m still planning on running a 30k this Saturday. After those results are in, I’m going to have to make up my mind. I'm hoping to at least be able to hold 7:00 pace. Anything slower and I might as well not even run Grandma's.

Quote of the day:
“My definition of a great distance running coach would be this: someone who helps you improve but leaves something “in the bank,” and also instills love of the sport as you move on. Plus, one hopes, someone who teaches you something about life in the process.” - Mark Will-Weber from The Quotable Runner


Duncan Larkin said...

Ever seen that Seinfeld episode where George goes to holistic dude and turns purple?

UMaine Cooperative Extension said...

I do not envy your position with regards to the decision before you. Maybe you can ask the holistic chiropractor to read the tea leaves to determone your best course of action?

Chad said...

Susan, I don't know, but I had some of that last night - just to to "be safe."

Duncan, yeah I remember old "Thor Eckman". The only reason I remember his name is that I used to work with a guy who's last name was Eckman. Kind of stuck with me.

Chad said...

Marc, good idea. I'll schedule another appointment with her - right away.

brent said...

i would do anything for a new knee!