Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Since Susan ask...here are my gardening photos. Here's a little garden I whipped up over the weekend. Actually it's a conservatory at the Como Zoo.

Here are the Spirea that I hacked the crap out of. Prior to getting my hands on my pruning shears, you couldn't see any rocks.

I also ripped out 3 very small Spirea that weren't getting enough sun and replaced them with 4 Hydrangas.

The A.C. was surrounded by this ugly evergreen on both sides. I ripped one side out and replaced it with 2 Cherry bushes. If I like how they look, I'll probably replace the remaining evergreen with more Cherry bushes.

This 7' x 8' plot was filled with more of the ugly everygreen in the photo above. Actually it was worse because it had more brown mixed in it.


Chad said...

Susan, the conservatory is really nice - and huge. This is just one area. Best of all, it's free. I'll get the "real" name of that cherry bush for you.

Chad said...

Susan, in case you check back, it's called a Purpleleaf Sand Cherry Shrub (Prunus x cistena).