Friday, April 07, 2006


Just want to make it clear that my last 2 posts have been directed as much at me as anyone else. Hopefully they got people thinking. I’ll tone it down today.

I stayed up too late (10 PM) last night reading James Patterson’s Honeymoon. I was just going to read for 15-20 minutes, but ended up reading for 45 minutes. It’s weird. He gives you ample opportunity to stop reading, since his dang chapters are only 2-3 pages long. Yet you can’t stop reading. I guess that’s the sign of a good writer.

Anyway, 5:15 soon came. And went. I re-set my alarm for 6:15. That meant I had to jump on the treadmill over lunch, which limited me to an easy 5 mile run. Probably a good thing if I want to race well tomorrow. After lots of rain lately, tomorrow looks like a perfect day 35 to 52 with sun. Hopefully the wind will die down.

If anyone is interested in watching Pre “drop down” to the mile, check out this video. Marty Liquori “shows up” around 1200 meters.

I mentioned buying some new shoes a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t buy them online, but wanted to pass along this link to I haven’t done an extensive comparison of their prices, but they have, by far, the best photos of their shoes. They have 7-8 photos for each pair.

Quote of the day:
“Yet that man is happy and poets sing of him who conquers with hand and swift foot and strength.” Pindar, Greek poet, 500 B.C.


Anonymous said...

have a great race at Fetzer. I heard on MPR today that April is the windiest month on average in MN. So we aren't just imagining it's tougher. It really is.

Love2Run said...

What a great video, thanks! had to go to the site and search but got it after a bit. Pre is one of my running heroes!

Duncan Larkin said...

Tone it down? Come on man. Let it out. Please continue to speak your mind and make your blog a good read that stirs the pot and generates running debate as well as cataloging your runs. It's a great blog, keep it real...usually toning things down return blogs to boring emoticons and vapid 'atta boys/girls.'

Chad said...

Evan, thanks. You do the same at Kurz. Eric claims tomorrow is supposed to be calm. We'll see.

Mike, glad you found it. When my friend sent it to me, it came right up.

Duncan, don't worry I'm not toning it down forever, just today. Most of the feedback was very positive. I just thought 3 days in-a-row would be a little overkill. Besides, I ran at lunch which cut into my blogging time.

Chad said...

Shoot. I just checked the Pre link and I see it doesn't even get you to the site. Sorry.

Usually I check all my links right away, but this post was right at the end of the day as I was leaving the office. I'll re-post it on Monday.