Monday, April 17, 2006


Can you tell from my last few posts that I figured out how to get photos from our digital camera to our computer quicker? No longer will I have to wait till Christmas to post Halloween photos.

While you’re waiting for the next 5k split for the Boston runners that you’re tracking, head over to Seebo’s blog and read his race report from the Paris Marathon.

After that, check out this article on the Barkley Ultra Marathon.

I forgot to mention that Saturday’s run gave me 87 miles for the week. That’s my most in 5 weeks. Not sure if it’s the mileage or the shoes, but something is “going on” with my left leg. I won’t call it pain; it’s more of an annoying discomfort. It’s just below my knee to the outside of my leg. Hopefully it’s just because I’ve been running in some older shoes or because my newer shoes are light weight trainers. Over lunch, I’m going to buy a pair with more cushioning.

Yesterday was my worst run in a long time as my legs were really tired. My left leg was bothering me and I nearly stopped after my 10 minutes with Bailey, but I didn’t. I dropped her off and then managed to find some grass as I made my way to some dirt trails. The grass and trails felt a lot better on my leg. I was going to do one loop around a lake and call it a day after 5-6 miles. However, I started to feel a little better, so I added on another loop and got in 8 miles for the day.

My alarm woke me up from a deep sleep at 4:40 this morning and I immediately reset it for 5:10. 5 minutes later I was still awake and decided to get up and get my run in. As usual, I took Bailey for a mile jog. Since this part is on blacktop and I’m stiff, I could really feel my left leg. Once I got on the gravel path and loosened up, I felt a lot better and managed an easy 10 miles.

Quote of the day:
“I used to rehearse the marathon in the last few miles of every long training run. It was not particularly pleasant for my training partners.” Pete Pfitzinger

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Chad said...

Massoman, sorry to hear about your leg too. Do you know any good massage therapist? :-)

I can deal with the normal (knees, achilles, plantar, etc.) stuff. It's the stuff that's totally new to me that's scary.

If you can pinpoint what caused it, like the cobble stones, that's a huge plus too.

I got new shoes, so hopefully I won't have to cut my mileage back.

Hang in there.