Thursday, April 20, 2006


It turns out I took some liberties with that Wetmore quote. The actual quote should read;

"When you live on Monster Island, someone's breathing fire every day."

I must have combined part of it with "when you play with matches, someone will get burned." I guess it's not a good idea to paraphrase quotes from memory.


Mike said...

Zeke- shin splints? damn, you too? I won't comment on the issue since you know what you need to do but that sucks. Dust off that tri-bike and give it a go!
Hey- BIG thanks for that Tshirt- you didn't have to do that! Very cool and unique! I won't have to worry about running into anyone wearing that T around here.

Chad said...

Mike, the bike has been dusted off. Glad you like the shirt. Can you wear it to the office on casual Fridays?

Massoman, that does help with the 'tude, but not the fitness.