Friday, January 27, 2006


25, 3, 37, 20, 25, 44. No, those aren’t my miles per week – at least not recently. Those numbers represent the temperature during my last 6 morning runs. We’ve been all over the board lately. I almost wore shorts this morning, but it was very windy, so I didn’t. After missing the last 2 Fridays, Scott and I were back together this morning – dodging puddles and trying not to fall on our asses. We ran for 51:30 and were probably close to 7 miles. Throw in a mile with Bailey and I’m at 8 so far for the day. I have 5-6 more planned for tonight. Then I hope to finish the week with a 20-mile group run tomorrow - some of which will have to be solo.

As part of my “Old School” post from Wednesday, regarding stamina versus speed, I wanted to include a link to something I remember reading on Beck’s old site. However, I couldn’t find the link. Essentially, he talked about thinking back to the time when you were running your most mileage. Then he asks “Why did you stop there?” Yesterday I found a link to the article on Brian’s Blog. It’s a great read and a great example of why I enjoy Beck’s writing so much.

Last night I was doing some sit ups (crunches) while the girls were watching a movie. After a set I was lying there resting when I had this conversation with my (nearly) 5-year old;

Kinsey: “What are you doing dad?”
Me: “Sit ups.”
Kinsey: “Sit ups are ‘up and down.’ Why are you lying there?”
Me: “I’m resting.”
Kinsey: “Why do you need to rest?”
Me: “Well my muscles get tired after awhile and I need a break.”

That seemed to satisfy her curiosity.

Finally, I have some "pretty" graphs that I thought would post, but I’m not sure how to get them from excel to my blog. Any experts out there?


D said...

Congrats on reaching 100! I love that nike commercial by the way - truly motivating.

Christine said...

It's not easy to convert, but here's what I would do:

Save the Excel doc as a webpage (there's an option in the drop down when you save as), open the webpage and view source. Copy the HTML into your blog.

Or you can just take a print screen (print screen button on your keyboard) of the chart, post into an imaging software (like photoshop) and save a jpeg. Then upload your image, link to it in your blog.

Wow that sounds confusing.

E-Speed said...

kids are so great! How cute!

Evan said...

Print Screen work well on a PC. If you're on a Mac, Apple-Shift-4 and then you can take a photo of the selected part of the screen.

Double said...

Wait to they get older. Here's how my conversations go.

Brad(11): "How far you goin' Dad."

Dad(44): "Ten."

Brad: "That's all?"

Emily(9): "Dad, do you like running."

Dad: "Not always."

Emily: "Then why do you do it."

Dad: "Because someone else who doesn't like running today won't."

Emily: "Huh?"

Dad: "Exactly."

Chad Austin said...

Thanks guys.

Double, it looks like when they get older you can get "tagged teamed." Right now I just have to worry about Kinsey. But it won't be long before Katie joins the fun.

Chad Austin said...

Oh Elizabeth, those fingers coming out of your neck on your new photo are creepy.