Thursday, January 26, 2006


Alright, alright, a 440 in 60 seconds is fast. I assume Lydiard was talking about men in their prime. This morning I was trying to think about this in terms for an average runner. Let’s say you can run a 20-minute 5k or roughly 6:30 pace. If so, you can probably run sub-6 for 1 mile. Doesn’t it make sense that you have the speed necessary to run faster than 20 minutes? What you’re lacking is the stamina to hold that speed. Anyway, it’s something to think about.

I came “this close” to postponing last night’s 6 miles until tonight. I thought “man, it’d be nice to have a 6 mile recovery day (instead of 12) right about now.” But then I’d have to run 12 and 6 miles today. As much as I love the “Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?” statement, it doesn’t work for me when it comes to running. Now maybe during my next big mileage week I can plan it that way, but to change on the fly (unless there’s a good reason) usually backfires. So I hopped on the treadmill for a very easy 6 miles.

Here are the random thoughts that went through my head during this morning’s run;

During the first few steps of my run. “This sucks, do I really have to go 12 miles?”

As I sprint across a busy intersection 1 minute into my run. “Shit, that car is coming fast.”

Within the first mile of the run. “Alright, this isn’t so bad.”

A mile later. “Hmm, 12 miles will give me 99 for the last 7 days. What if I get sick or hurt of something goofy happens? Maybe I should run 13 miles and get to 100.”

After checking a split and seeing 7:55 even though it feels like 8:15-pace. “So if my easy runs are 15-20 seconds per mile faster than last fall, does that mean my race times will be 15-20 seconds per mile faster too – just based on stamina? If so, that means last fall’s 39-minute 10K would now be 37 to 37:30. Wow, it’s hard to believe that just 3 months ago I couldn’t wait for the season to end.”

With one mile to go. “Okay, that’s 99. Hmm, this mile doesn’t feel any different than the last one.”

Done. “Yay, I’m an “official” member of the 100-mile “club.” Up next, the mile-high club.”

Finally, does anyone else like that new Nike commercial with AC/DC’s “Rock n Roll ain’t Noise Pollution” playing in the background? It has an alarm clock going off and shows a bunch of athletes getting up to workout. It looks like a bunch of weekend warriors along with Tom Brady, Joan Benoit Samuelson and 3 Oregon runners. I admit when my alarm goes off at 4:30, I think of this commercial. Thank you, Nike.


brian said...

I like the Nike commercial too. Do you remember one from a few years ago that showed a guy on the track throwing up? I fould that one to be pretty motivational as well.

E-Speed said...

next up the mile high club?


Haven't watched any TV since we moved to the house so I haven't seen that one. All I know is they are revamping their web site and it is making logging my runs a pain half the time. boo.

Susan said...

i like that commercial too!

robtherunner said...

Did you tell your wife your idea about the mile high club? And if so did she laugh, or did she smack ya?

Double said...

There is something about being "out there" in the pitch darkness of the winter that provides a reward no one else can touch. I only know I have to be "out there" and the exact reason isn't clear to me. The sacrifice, dedication, and conditions one has to face is enough for me to tell people, "I've been to the mountain." Let them chew on that, it's our own private Idaho.

Chad Austin said...

Brian, I don't remember that Nike commercial.

Liz, I didn't know that you could log your mileage on their website.

Rob, no, I thought I'd surprise her. :-) Since the last time we were on a plane together was nearly 4 years ago, I'm not holding my breath.

Double, well said, as usual.

seebo said...

we seem to be on the same wavelengths on our blog today.

TriSaraTops said...

That commercial rocks! Buckeye Runner just put a link to it on her page! Gets me pumped up every time. :)