Monday, January 02, 2006


I’ve been plugging along with my mileage – all easy to moderate runs. Ron Daws recommends getting used to your mileage before adding in some stronger aerobic runs. I feel like I’m at that point in my training. Yesterday’s 10 miler included 8 strong miles. While I’d like to maximize my mileage in single workouts, I think I crossed the line yesterday. This morning I felt like crap and stopped my run after 4 very slow miles. Hopefully it was just the icy paths and not the pace that took its toll on me.

I managed to hop on the treadmill for 8 more easy miles in the evening. So I got my miles in for the day, I just wish I could have done it all in one run. Again, the paths and weather didn’t help either. It was raining during my morning run, which when combined with the snow, ice and slush on the paths made for crappy footings.

I haven’t mentioned much about the weather lately. That’s because we’ve been stuck in this system where the morning lows are 25 and the afternoon highs are 32. Since the normal range for this time of year is 6 to 22, I’m not complaining. That’s one of the reasons I had such a great December.


Mike said...

Blah weather, but at least you have a new treadmill. I'm glad to hear the mileage is still going up, either in singles or doubles it all still counts. I liked Daws' comments on upping the mileage of the second run if you break a long single into a double.

Evan said...

What Chad doesn't mention is that these low 30s temperatures have been accompanied by precipitation as much as the 6-22 temperatures were. Thus, we have freezing rain instead of snow.

Personally I'd prefer it to be 15 with some snow on the ground than 30 and raining. The former is good resistance training. The latter is just miserable.

Miles are miles no matter how you get them, but I still tend to think that the benefit of doubles is greatest when the main (morning?) workout gets in 75% of the miles for the day. But miles are miles ...

Chad Austin said...

Mike, the miles are going up, but not as quickly. I get very conservative when I start approaching a level I've never been before.

Evan, I agree with your weather comments. When was the last time we saw the sun? 10 days ago maybe.

Yeah, miles are miles, but I think 1 run of 12 is better than 4 and 8. When doubling I'm going to aim for 66% of the miles in one run, so 4 and 8, 5 and 10, etc.

E-Speed said...

Happy New Year!

Hopefully Jan will bring some nice days for running!

Chad Austin said...

Happy New Year to you too, Elizabeth and everyone else. I guess I never really said that, did I?

If January is half as nice as December, it'll be a great month for running. Plus once we get through January, winter will be nearly over.