Wednesday, January 04, 2006


So when I picked the van up from the FIRST shop the other night they did mention that there was a “shutter” that they thought was the transmission. Now I’m not sure what a “shutter” is but when I drove it, I heard a distinct knocking in the brake pedal. So I took it back to the garage in the morning. Well, it turns out the mechanic was right – imagine that. After rechecking the brakes he came to the same conclusion – it’s the transmission. “Luckily” the transmission shop is near the brake shop and they were kind enough to go over and get the van, so we didn’t have to make another trip over there. Stay tuned.

I jumped on the treadmill last night and watched the first half of the Rose Bowl. I don’t follow college football too closely, so I was able to turn it off at half time and go to sleep even though it was the National Championship game. My run consisted of 2 easy miles, followed by 8 miles at a stronger pace, 30:00 for the first 4 and 29:30 for the second 4. This run gave me 15 for the day.

Training with P2 starts up again this Thursday night. Hopefully with my mother-in-law flying back into town and the van in the shop, I’ll be able to make it. I’m interested to see what the group looks like this year. I know some people have left, while others have joined. I guess that’s the nature of the beast.


Susan said...

Hope the van is easily fixed. You and Rob the Runner msut be feeling the same vibes.

Great 15.

Chad Austin said...

Hey Susan, I saw Rob's van troubles too. Luckily is "only" cost about $800 to fix.