Friday, April 03, 2009


Probably not that big of a deal, but I’m still on track with Pfitz – after 6 days. The last four days have been alternating 11 miles at a moderate pace with 5 miles as a super easy recovery run. Being spring in Minnesota means I’ve experienced rain, snow and even a beautiful morning or two during that stretch. Even when it’s beautiful it’s still only about 30-32 degrees at 6 AM, so I’m still wearing long pants. I’m definitely looking forward to donning some shorts soon.

Yesterday was my first trail run since last fall and the trails at Hyland were in spectacular condition. It was still a little too dark at the start of my run, so I wore a headlamp. The first few times I wear a headlamp always remind me of what the Blair Witch Project must have been like. It’s a little scary, but I get used to it. Besides, within a half hour the sun is coming up.

40 is fast approaching. I have no problem with becoming a Masters runner. However, I still feel like I’m only 25-years-old. I was wondering if other people felt that way too. Then I was reading the April issue of Outside and there was an article by a 60-something guy talking about how he still felt 25. He then went on to explain why 60 was better than 25.

Anyone else out there feel a lot younger than they actually are? Maybe it has something to do with 25 kind of being that age where you’re finally out of school and on your own – so our minds kind of get “stuck” there.

I'll close with a little April Fool's trick my daughter played on my wife. Actually it wasn't so much the trick that I like, as much as how my daughter told me about it. Anyway, she simply took 2 cereal boxes, Raisin Bran (which my wife eats) and Frosted Flakes, and then switched the bags between the 2 boxes. I just happened to come into the kitchen as she was getting off of a chair next to the cabinet and I asked what she was doing. She looks at me very seriously and says, "If you want Raisin Bran in the morning, grab the Frosted Flakes box."

It was one of those priceless moments.

Quote of the Day;
“We’re not the 13:10 [5K] guys. We’re the 13:30 guys trying to run 13:20. It’s just as sweet.” – Matt Gabrielson


roughkat said...

Awesome prank reveal. Hearing things like that makes me forget about the hard stuff of having kids.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chad,
I am 46 and sure don't feel it. But what should an age feel like??
I know my head still thinks it can run like I was 25, the legs don't always agree. Well they don't agree at all really. :)

Karen S

t-odd said...

Turned 40 in December and still feel 25. Had a midlife crisis that turned into a running addiction. It really isn't so bad as long as you keep up the speed work.

chelle said...

Going back to grad school has the odd effect of making me feel 24 a9like my classmates) half the time, and the other half feeling like I could be their mother!

As I start to get back into shape now, it's that same contradiction again since I feel like I could any of their butts in just about any distance, but when their going out partying, all I want to do is sleep.