Monday, April 06, 2009


If you’re interested, here’s a nice set of photos from Saturday’s race by Wayne Kryduba. I’m in 11, 33 (along with Nate and Jared) and 77 (with Nate).

On Sundays, Pfitz says to cross-train or rest. Yesterday – after waiting for the snow to melt (no, I'm not kidding) – I jumped on my mountain bike for a nice easy 45 minute spin to help loosen up the legs. Today I made a deviation from Pfitz. He said to run 9 miles with 4 at LT. Of course, he didn’t have a hilly 18 miler written in 2 days before that. So, I’m flipping that workout with Wednesday’s easy 5 mile run. I’ll still get in the same workouts, just mixed up a little. I figure recovering from Saturday, before my first LT workout, makes the most sense.

Quote of the Day;

“Now I wish I had crawled the rest of the way on my hands and knees. It is difficult to live with the fact you’ve quit. It’s like having a prison record.” – Hal Higdon


Beth said...

Hey Chad, what does LT mean? I saw the photos and now I remember seeing you! Good luck with your run.

Chad said...

Lactate Threshold a.k.a. tempo run.