Friday, April 24, 2009


Just a few odds and ends before the weekend.

I ran a solid 8 in Hyland with Scott on Thursday. Today I ran an ass-dragging-slow 5 miler this morning around Jensen Lake in Lebanon Hills. Tomorrow is the Get in Gear 10K.

Surprisingly – given that it’s Minnesota’s largest 10K - I’ve only run this race 3 times; 2001, 2005 and 2007. Each of those years I ran the Human Race 8K in March. Each of those years I always think I’ll run a faster pace for 10K than I did for 8K – because it’s 5-6 weeks later in the season. Each of those years I’ve been wrong. I’ve been 16, 2 and 8 seconds slower per mile, respectively. Based on my 31:43 (6:22 pace) from this year’s Human Race, McMillan says I should run 39:58 (6:25 pace) for 10K. I guess I’d take that, but really I’d like this to be the year where I do actually run faster at GiG than HR. Given my training between the two races, I think I can make it happen.

If you haven’t seen Nike’s running camp video, be sure to stop by Kurt’s blog to see it. Be sure to watch all the way to the end or you’ll miss the Gouchers.

I think I’ve used this QOD before, but it’s all I have handy – and it’s worth repeating.

Quote of the Day;

“I had reached a juncture at this point in the run: either I could get discouraged with the reality that I am not able to think myself into sprinting up the hill or I could accept, and even relish, in the pain and discomfort running throughout my body embracing the pain as part of my mission. Then something happened that I have never experienced during any painful running session: a smile slowly crept across my face. It was kind of a weird reaction to have, but for some reason I felt very alive and there was a new joy that I found in simply going all out. It was a great feeling to know that I was pushing myself to the max, that at this moment I had looked deep into myself for strength and used whatever I could muster.” – Ryan Hall

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Beth said...

Very funny Nike ad. Hope you had a great race at the Get in Gear!