Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Not a lot going on lately. It seems like I always have a bunch of little stuff on my mind – maybe I can wedge them all together and make a single post.

54 miles last week on 6 runs. No, that does not include my “Good Run Spoiled” workout from last Wednesday. I’m still squeezing in 2-3 strength workouts a week, trying to do strides once a week, and still running with Scott twice a week. I’m thinking about a cutback week this week – mainly due to the holiday. Plus that way I’ll be able to go into the new month all gung-ho.

So a friend of mine created a Facebook page and invited me to view it. Of course, I have to have a Facebook page myself in order to do so. I did create one, but I’m not sure I understand the proper etiquette. I mean am I supposed to accept everyone as a friend? Or can I pick and choose? I know we went to the same college – 10 years apart – does that mean we’re friends. I’ve never met you. I can see how you’d just want to approve anyone and everyone that comes along, but then I can also see just approving the people you’d actually call friends, you know, in “real life.”

I mentioned that my new favorite show is My Own Worst Enemy. Apparently, my attempt at word-of-mouth marketing didn’t work too well as my wife told me the show is being cancelled. I guess the good news is that now I don’t have to stay up until 10 PM on Mondays.

I finally got around to posting another interview. You can also find updated journal entries for Carrie Tollefson and Josh Moen.

Quote of the day;

“If people think I’m not a real runner because I don’t (or didn’t) do marathons, that’s just fine. I’m ok with concentrating on shorter races. That’s what I’m better at and that’s what I like better.” - Dan Morse


Adam said...

I faced a similar dilemma after opening a Facebook account and eventually just closed it.

To answer your question about my son standing out there, he's a tough little dude. On the way home he told me he couldn't feel his fingers because they were so cold. Never said a word until then.

Chad said...

Adam, you should have just thrown your son on your back and carried him instead of those sandbags.