Monday, November 10, 2008


I’m happy to report that my “master plan” for getting woefully out of shape is working very well. I especially notice it when I’m on a group run and we come to any sort of incline. I’m immediately left in the dust and sucking wind like it’s a 5K.

The health-kick is still in effect for the most part – although there are some things I can work on.

Eating-wise I think I’ve made some good improvements. For example, if I have a craving for sweets during the workday, I make sure I’ve eaten all the food I brought with me to work. That usually includes carrots, fig newtons, an apple, etc. And if I do succumb to the craving, I try to limit my intake by enjoying just one helping – rather than wolfing it down and grabbing two or three more. I’ve also been replacing evening snacks with ready-to-eat cereal, oatmeal or malt-o-meal.

As far as strength training goes, I’ve pretty my given up on the Core Performance plan as it’s written. I just don’t think my schedule is conducive to 6 times a week of their program. Instead, I’ve been mixing in a bunch of their stretching and strengthening exercises 3 times a week.

I dusted off my mountain bike a week ago and I rode for 1:20. That was when it was 60 degrees. It’s now 20 degrees and the snowmakers at Hyland were going full-force this morning.

I’m trying to get back into the routine of reading a little each night. I finished reading Iron Will. I especially like the early parts of the book that focused on how the Ironman came about and the early years. After that it basically turned into a recap of each year’s race. Still, it was a fun read with lots of quotable material that I’m sure I’ll be posting here.

I also read Breaking Stride. Written by a Minnesota, I’d love to give it rave reviews, but like the reviews, I’m mixed. I love the topic and it’s short length, but I thought there were tons of metaphors – nearly all of which had to do with how incredibly hard racing is. Maybe I was just never good enough or pushed myself hard enough, so I can’t relate to was a state champion goes through during a race. But if it’s anything like this author describes, then I wonder why any of us run at all.

Quote of the day;

“If there’s a spot on the planet where a model for Victoria’s Secret would feel self-conscious in a bikini, this is it.” – Mike Plant talking about Kailua-Kona, HI, home of the Ironman world championships

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