Thursday, November 13, 2008


One thing I forgot to mention yesterday, I did not run a fall marathon in 2006, so that explains a little why my November and December miles were so high. Right now it feels like I’m not running that much, but I think I can still run about 200 miles this month. Heck, I remember being in college and thinking 185 miles a month was a lot.

While I may not be running a lot right now, I’ve gotten into the routine of running with Scott twice a week. Tuesday we run Hyland Park and Thursday we run one of the lakes or the parkway. We typically run 60-65 minutes which has been 8 – 8.5 miles. That means we’re running faster than I would be if I were by myself, which is probably good for me.

I received a renewal notice from the USATF yesterday. Any other members out there? Anyone else questioning what they get for their money? Maybe I’ve mentioned this before, but the only reason I can see to renew is because it’s required to run the team circuit. Given that I’m no where near being a scoring member, I wonder if it even makes sense to renew.

In case you missed it, Leinie’s has a new super yummy seasonal beer; Fireside Nut Brown!!!

Quote of the day;

“The Ironman’s ability to crown heroes and humble fools is undiminished. Its disrespect for perfect bodies is as cruel and unrelenting as ever. If anything, the new technology, the superior conditioning of the athletes, and the increased intensity of the competition have merely whetted the race’s appetite for destruction.” – Mike Plant, author of Iron Will


Kirk said...

Maybe you should try running on the Bad News Bears of the TCM Circuit--MDRA. You'd score fer sure.

Kurt said...

Yea I know what you are saying about the whole usatf number stuff. I like you normaly also have a snow ball chance of scoring for out team. I guess I just look at it as my donation of $$ to help people like Matty G go to the world marathon champs next year.

Chad said...

Now I just need a comment from Kirt Goetzke and I'll be all set.

Kirk, maybe I could score for the MDRA Masters once I turn 40, but otherwise I'd have to content with you, Rocky, Nathan, Joseph and a bunch of other studs.

Kurt, I used to be able to justify it because of the magazine that USATF Minnesota put out. But yeah, I do look at it as more of a donation to the sport.