Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Getting up at 4:30 AM and then staying up till midnight to watch the Trials – with only an hour nap – is not conducive to running the next morning. Rather than squeezing something in last night, I enjoyed taking the day off and getting back up this morning for a 10 mile trail run with Evan and Jason.

I know rest is a key component of any training plan, but it always seems more detrimental when I take the first day of the month off – or even the first day of the week. It kind of feels like I haven't done anything yet for this new time period, why am I taking the day off - even though I ran a hard workout the day before.

Anyway, lack of sleep was well worth it to watch the Trials, especially the men’s 800m and the men’s 5000m final. Great job by Team Minnesota’s Matt Gabrielson to finish 8th in 13:38.06. That’s about 8 seconds away from his PR, but at his level it’s more about competing – something I know he’s been disappointed with lately.

In an effort to help out Mike, who’s one of the recruiters for the TC-10 mile, I wanted to mention how local elites can get a comp entry into the race. If you go to this page and scroll down, you’ll see a list of the time standards. If you meet any of those standards, send Mike an email at: michael_nawrocki AT yahoo DOT com. This should be done BEFORE signing up or trying to enter through the general lottery process. If you are eligible for a comp entry, DO NOT enter the lottery process.

Run fast, save $60. It's that simple.

Quote of the day;
“I feel good, because I stayed in there and competed, which I’ve kind of been slacking on the last year or so.” - Matt Gabrielson

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