Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I guess the good thing about being a running fan is that it gives you another sport to fall back on when all your local sports teams suck. Seriously, with the Vikings, T’wolves, Gopher football and even the Twins, have Minnesota sports teams sucked any worse? The Wild were doing okay, but really, even though we’re the self-proclaimed “state of hockey,” no one really cares about that sport except the die-hards. Maybe there’s hope with the Gopher’s hoop squad now that Tubby is in charge. Granted Army is not a powerhouse, but they beat them by 32 (while former coach Monson was busy losing his first game at Long Beach State by 40 points). How was Gonzaga so good when he was there?

Has anyone else noticed that the Gophers are good at the fringe sports like cross-country, wrestling, golf, etc.? Anyway, congrats to their cross-country teams. The women finished first, while the men were second at their Regional meet last weekend. Let’s hope they can hold it together for one more meet.

Yesterday I managed 11 miles on the trails. I’m sure my cutback week has a little to do with it, but I feel stronger on the hills this week. Even on Monday when my legs were tired, I still felt like I had good form on the hills.

This morning was my mid-week, medium-long run. There’s just something about pumping out nearly 2 hours of running before work – it makes me think I’m actually doing some good training. Call it 14 miles for the day.

Finally, be sure to check out Jason Lehmkuhle’s latest journal entry which talks about his Trials experience and Ryan Shay's passing. Michelle Lilienthal has also posted her first entry. Note to Michelle, if you're waiting 3 hours for the weather to warm up in November, it's going to be a long winter. Hopefully you have a flexible schedule.

Quote of the day;

“The 5 S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of these is spirit.” – Ken Doherty


WynnMan said...

Professional sports in Minnesota are in a total quagmire. For the most part, a bunch of teams with lackluster journey-men. A recipe for mundane sports watching and not a snow balls chance in hell for any post season excitement.

Can you imagine what the merchandise sales for the T-Wolves must be.... yikes. Hmmmm what jersey should one buy? A Doleac perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Would anyone recommend some good ruuning books to read. I'll be traveling to asia, in December and thought should bring some books to read on those long flights to keep myself motivated. Thanks

Chad said...

Wynn, yeah it's a good thing you're in Wisconsin. I couldn't even tell you two players on the T-Wolves. And I used to be a HUGE NBA fan.

anonymous, check out my 11/15 post for some ideas.

Nathan said...

WTF? What state are you living in? Hockey is only big with the diehards? I've never played, but heck, we bet on the state tournament when we were in high school, and our high school wasn't even in the tournament. I would say we're a pretty hockey-obsessed state. There is no other sport in MN that receives the level of attention from high school to the pros like hockey does. Football comes a close second, but does anyone really care about Gophers football? Only good thing about their games is that you can actually get tickets, which is something you CAN'T say about Gophers hockey.

Chad said...

Nathan, we must hang around different people because I think I know 2 people that care about the Wild. No one I know ever talks about HS or college hockey.

Heck, I was talking with a gal yesterday and she had just bought a block of tickets for the T-wolves. The T-wolves, can you believe that?