Thursday, November 01, 2007


Just a brief training update;

Yesterday I ran 12 miles on the Hyland trails, which gave me 285 miles for the month - my most ever in October - on 29 runs and 2 days off. The idea behind skipping TCM was that I'd be able to build my base mileage up quicker - had I run TCM I'd just now be feeling recovered and it'd take me another 3-4 weeks to build my mileage.

Mission accomplished.

Also, having a solid October makes it easier to keep the momentum rolling - hopefully into November, December and January.

Today I ran 14 miles on the Lebanon Hills trails with Evan. Although he's back in New Zealand, I think I see him just as much now as when he was in Minneapolis.

Tomorrow morning I'm off the the Big Apple. I just hope it lives up to the hype.


Anonymous said...

Sports Illustrated says the marathon trials will be on NBC on Saturday at 7:35 AM (eastern? central? don't know). For what it's worth...

Evan Roberts said...


and it was a great run this morning!