Thursday, November 08, 2007


Still wide awake before 5 AM this morning, so I hit the trails for 11 miles. My fresh legs from two days off in a row were gone. Back to normal.

Things are finally settling down for me. I posted my recap last night. If you read my preview, you’ll see some of the same info used in both stories. I kind of got the feeling that I cut my recap off at the end – I didn’t post any specific results. I’m thinking if the results of the top-10 runners as well as the locals are published with the article, that would solve the “problem”.

I have a ton of other thoughts floating around my head that relate to the weekend. Unfortunately, they are in no particular order, so they’ll probably just be spit out over the next few days (weeks? months?). For example, one thing I noticed was that the top-5 finishers all ran negative splits. Granted the first 10K was slow, but still, a lot of people did not run even or negative. And did you realize that Brian Sell’s second half was only a second slower than Ritz’s second half?

I entered the Trials contest where they asked you to pick the top-10. Here are my picks and their actual place.

1st Abdi – DNF
2nd Meb – 8th
3rd Sell – 3rd
4th Hall – 1st
5th Lehm – 5th
6th Gilmore – DNF
7th Ritz – 2nd
8th Carney – 14th
9th Reneau – 32nd
10th Verran – 18th

As soon as I submitted my picks, I kicked myself for not picking Shay. I even have his name written down on the piece of paper I put in my wallet to remember who my top-10 picks were.

I was able to do some surfing today and came across some good stuff on the race, including an article on the top-3, some surprises, post race quotes, as well as a pre-race interview with Clint Verran. And don’t even get me started on Flotrack, which has a ton of video interviews from the weekend.

Finally, here’s Emily Brown’s latest journal entry.

Quote of the day;

“It was a great race for me with almost a four minute PR. It was the kind of marathon I knew I could run. I just had not put it all together before. Both of my quads were a little tight but I stayed together much better than when I ran the Boston Marathon last spring. The marathon is a very difficult race because it has a sharp learning curve. I had to learn to be careful of reaching a redline point and not crossing it. You have to got to stay within yourself.” – Jason Lehmkuhle on his 5th place finish on Saturday

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