Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I’m back from my whirlwind vacation where I overdosed on running. I have lots to blog about but no time to do it. I hope to have my race recap article ready to post tomorrow and then I’ll be able to focus on some “behind the scenes” stuff.

Not much to report, training-wise. I ran 9 miles along the Central Park loop on Friday to see what the guys would have to deal with. One loop was tough enough with the rolling hills – five loops would be brutal. Saturday I just ran back and forth between the East and West sides of Central Park to watch the guys 10 times during the race. There was lots of stopping to cheer, but I still probably ran 5 miles. That gave me 75 for the week on 7 runs. I’m calling Sunday’s run about 10 miles as Kim and I ran all over cheering on Jenna (2:50) and Ed (2:36). Neither was particularly pleased with their results.

After nearly 5 weeks without a day off, I took Monday off as we traveled back to Minnesota. I followed that up with a zero yesterday as I worked on my recap article. Apparently, I’m still on East coast time since I was wide awake at 4:30 this morning. Rather than just lay there, I went for a 13 mile run.

Since I don’t have anything interesting to write (yet), go check out Evan’s collection of “interesting” comments uttered during the live web streaming.

And finally, I think I missed Matt Gabrielson’s late journal entry from last week.

Edited to add a link to Pete’s blog. He ran the trials on Saturday and although he’s been keeping a blog for awhile, I never mentioned it – figuring he wanted to keep it low-key as he headed towards the trails.

Quote of the day;

“This was a big breakthrough marathon for me. I was trying to be patient and not make any huge moves early on. I was very conscious of trying to pace myself because of the difficulties I've had in my last couple of marathons. I was worried the whole time but I was really comfortable and felt the best I have ever felt in the last six miles of a marathon.” – Jason Lehmkuhle on his 5th place finish on Saturday

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