Monday, July 10, 2006


I'm seriously considering posting this on a bunch of message boards. What would you think if you saw it? Assume you met the "standard," would it pique your interest? Would you sign up? Any changes?

WANTED: 2:50-3:05 (1:20-1:28 half) marathon runners in the Twin Cities. Looking to form a new training group that’s interesting in pushing the pace 1-2 times a week.

No sign-up fee. No monthly fee. No uniforms to buy. No fancy website. No monthly newsletter. No cool logo. You will not receive a discount to local running stores or a training plan to follow.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re following Pfitz, Daniels, Lydiard, Galloway, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you call these runs steady state, progression, strong aerobic or marathon pace. It’s about meeting for a 10-15 mile run with some quicker miles thrown in.

I won’t check and verify your PRs to see if you meet the “standards” or not. If you’re faster and want to join us for an easy day, that’s great. If you’re slower and want to be pushed, that’s great too.

Night of the week, time and place are all TBD, based on response. If you’re interested, or know someone that might be, please send me an email and we’ll see if we can make this work.

As for my training over the weekend, Saturday I pushed Katie for 2 miles before continuing on for another 6 very easy recovery miles. That gave me 64 miles for the week.

Sunday I woke up and felt like I needed a change of scenery. I drove to Lake Nokomis* to start my run. I ran around the lake, down Minnehaha Parkway, around Lake Harriet and back down the Parkway. That took 1:57 and I called it 15 miles – my longest run in 8 weeks.

This morning I had one of my most boring runs ever. I just wanted an easy 7 mile recovery day, so I thought I’d check out things north of interstate 494. Other than seeing a 1.5 million dollar house for sale, I ended up running through another industrial area. Again, most of it didn’t have a sidewalk, so I was dodging cars. No surprise, my legs were tired after yesterday’s “long” run.

*Some of you may recognize Lake Nokomis as it’s the starting point of the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon. Since the race is next Saturday, there were lots of triathletes there checking things out. Note: if anyone is coming to town for this race be aware that the forecast is calling for 96 and sunny. Have fun!

Quote of the day;
“Believe in yourself, know yourself, deny yourself, and be humble.” – John Treacy’s four principles of training prior to Los Angeles ‘84


Anonymous said...

I'd sign up and come along occasionally. But maybe you want other people too ...

E-Speed said...

I would sign up if I was that fast and lived in the area for sure! Post it!

D said...

I'd join you if I was faster and lived in your area.

Bart said...

I think it's a good idea. If you can spread the word throughout the local running community, you should get a decent response. I would guess that many people who are interested may only show up once or twice, but you really only need a small core group to make the plan successful.

Unknown said...

I'd be there if only I didn't live so far away.

qcmier said...

I saw this and was intrigued.

I'd join you if I was in your area.

I am still looking for folks who are nuts enough to do long runs that start at high noon.

SRR said...

Hmmm...would that constitute a blind date then?

Chad said...

Evan, if I just wanted you, I'd just shoot you an email.

Thanks for the support guys, maybe we should all move to the same city.

qc, interesting article. I guess it's a good thing that I run with a group once in awhile.

"High noon?" Gotta be hard finding people with that kind of a schedule. But it's gotta help prepare you for racing in the heat.

RR, it's only be "blind" if you haven't seen my profile pic.

Chad said...

Susan, you'll cheer during our training runs? That'd be great.

Anonymous said...

It was a lame attempt at humor ... no html tag for irony. yet.