Friday, July 28, 2006


Awhile ago I mentioned that I had this desire to stand at the finish line of a race and give the runners a quick survey. The idea being that there’s a correlation between mileage and where people finish in the pack. Obviously, there are other factors involved. Heck, even with “mileage,” am I talking about life-to-date mileage, last year’s mileage, last 3 months mileage, average mileage, peak mileage, etc.?

While I’m not going to perform this survey at a race, I thought I’d try to perform it on the web. I want to try to get as many comments or emails from you guys that answer a few easy questions surrounding your PRs;
Average Mileage*
Peak Mileage

*How many miles per week did you average during the heart of your training, excluding the taper? In my examples below I used 12 weeks.

Ideally I’m interested in the marathon, but I realize not everyone has run a marathon. That’s fine, send me what you have. It doesn’t matter if you run 20 mpw or 120 mpw, or if your PR is 2:05 or 6:05. The wider the variety, the more interesting the results will be.


Anonymous said...

M 41 82 95 100k 7:43:37 8wks

M 40 57 91 26.22 2:40:56 13wks

M 42 70 85 8k 27:03 11wks

You were at two of them.

Bart said...

M 40 59 72 Marathon 3:06:39

My only race in awhile.

massoman said...

i just started training for a half in november. last week's milage was 35 or 36. this week too. by the time november rolls around i will be running 40 to 45, i should think. my pr for the cowtown half in february was 2:21 on around 20-25 miles a week w/o much (any) interval training.

i'm friends with runners who have done well at 26.2 by running 3 strong, productive days a week and cross training (cycling) another two or three. i believe that while this is do-able, mileage is king (in my limited experience). when i played drums for a living, i made the most progress and saw the biggest changes in my skill set when i was taking private lessons from a kickass, demanding teacher, practiced at least 2 hours a day and played 6-7 nights a week. there is a direct correlation between the amount of hours, or miles, one puts in and the level of success/expertise/mastery one achieves. there is no way around it.

Trisaratops said...

F 23 25 36 26.2 5:14

F 27 40 53 26.2 4:18

Um, yeah, I learned a lot in those 4 years. :) And dropped 30 pounds, too. So that helped.

Kinda excited to see what I might be able to do if I sign up for Chicago '07....

Anonymous said...

M 52yrs 65 73 26.2 3:28:18
Last year 3 months at average 60+ / week for Dec. race.
This year starting the mileage build earlier and upping it 5 mi / week, tough to do in Houston..

Jon said...

M 25 20 31 26.22 3:22:28

This is the first time I've looked at this. Explains why the last 6m were so hard.

Thomas said...

35 M 47 55 26.2 3:55
36 M 47 55 26.2 4:11 (hilly and sick)

E-Speed said...

Age 24 10/15/1981
Sex F

Marathon PR (out of 4)
Columbus Marathon- October 2005
First Program
Average Mileage* 27
Peak Mileage 42
Distance 26.2
Time 3:27:16

2nd Best
Boston- April 2006
Average Mileage* 27 (mean was more like 36, but there were three weeks with extremely low or no mileage due to injuries)
Peak Mileage 37.5
Distance 26.2
Time 3:31:04

i would say its safe to say I almost always average around 30 mpw during marathon training and peak somwhere between 40 and 50

Love2Run said...

M50 67 81 3:23:32 Boston 2006

Most mileage ever for 14th marathon and a death-march as legs/quads died for the last 5 miles (despite specific hill training). go figure...

Now M51 and working on the same plan for Wineglass which is flat/downhill.

brent said...

M 30 29 35 Marathon 4:57

qcmier said...

M 29
Race=26.2 @ first and only marathon at 2004 Columbus (OH) marathon Time=disappointing 3:20 As I struggled through fasiciitis.

Oddly enough, my average weekly running miles this year is 32 and I'm trying to do Ironman.

Paige said...

Age: 22
Sex: Female
Average Mileage excluding taper: 55.3 (over 14 weeks)
Peak Mileage: 66.1
Distance: Marathon
Time: 3:23:36

Mike said...

Hey Zeke,
Here's my stats from my ancient PR in 2004
Ave M: 48
Peak M: 70 (once)
26.2 * 3:11

Greg said...

Age: 33
Sex: M
Average Mileage: 70
Peak Mileage: 104
Distance: Marathon
Time: 2:45:55

Anonymous said...

F32 35 46 26.2 3:29
(marathon#5 which was 10wks after marathon#4).

Arcane said...

Sorry I'm a bit late to the game.
Average mileage: 40 miles (over 10 weeks)
Peak mileage: 54.5 miles.
Marathon at 3:36

Anonymous said...

M 66 30 38 half 1:56

White Rock Half Dec 2005,
3 previous half marathons.