Thursday, July 27, 2006


Damn, lots going on today. I’m going to have to publish two posts today. This one contains a bunch of interesting articles and a couple of videos. Later today I’ll post my “sub-par” workout for this morning.

I just finished posting a comment, in response to Thomas, that I thought all elite athletes were probably dirty, when I got an email telling me Floyd Landis tested positive for high levels of testosterone. Thanks for the heads-up, Dale.

Bear forwarded me another interesting New York Times article. I know a lot of times you have to register to read their stuff. Here’s a sample from the article;

…runners should not use lotions, including sun block, because they add a barrier to the evaporation of sweat. He said that while it seemed logical to drink as much water as possible before the race — and runners try it — “it doesn’t work.” The reason, he explained, is that drinking a lot of water increases blood volume and the body responds by getting rid of it, in urine.

“What you need to do is to increase your total body fluids another way,” Dr. Martin said.

Check out the article to learn more.

Yesterday Bob posted an article and video on Dick and Rick Hoyt. Whenever I hear their names, I think back to the triathlete who gave a motivational speech at our wellness week last year. Click on the video at this site to hear how the Hoyt’s inspired Tony Schiller.

Ever been injured and/or in a relationship? If so, check out Mario's take on how injuries are like relationships.

Finally, Scott sent me this video that’ll get you fired up for the Chicago Marathon or any other race.


Justin said...

You've really got a knack for providing some good links. I especially like the last one. Even though Chicago and Detroit aren't for another 3 months, it really got me excited about building up my mileage for the big day. Thanks!

Chad said...

Thanks Justin. It's actually gotten to the point where people just email me half the stuff I post. The guy who sent the last one said it was just a trailer for an IMAX movie that's being developed.

Eric said...

Here's a link to an addendum to the NYT article.

The Landis thing is going to be really interesting. I suspect he is clean, but it may never be proven definitively. One question that comes to mind is, if cycling is so interested in protecting its image, why are they leaking results of tests before they are conclusive?

I could go on for way too long on the efficacy of testosterone for endurance athletes...if someone was going to cheat, there are better poisons out there. And drug testing protocol is a joke. The sample collection in Floyd's case was supervised by a UCI official and two French doctors. No representation from Phonak or Floyd's personal physician or lawyer, just a couple of independent French doctors. Oh, and the UCI has no interest in finding anyone guilty of doping either. Right.

Alright, enough space wasted. Can you tell this is frustrating. We're in a downward spiral as a whole when it comes to drugs in endurance sports. No one is innocent anymore.

I wonder if I am.