Thursday, January 12, 2006


A day after saying I can’t afford to lose focus if I want to get in my mileage, I hit the snooze button. Actually, I figure it’s a cut-back week so it’s okay to run two runs of 5 miles instead of one run of 10 miles. This morning’s 5 miles was slow and uneventful. There’s probably more of the same on tap for tonight.

I admit it; I like to read blogs of people that are faster than me.
Alison introduced Mario’s Daily Runaround recently and I’ve found it interesting and informative as he posts links to other fast people’s logs.

Aren’t the Winter Olympics like 3-4 weeks away? How come I haven’t heard much about them? Maybe I’m not watching the right TV station or reading the newspaper enough. The February edition of Outside magazine did cover some of the key athletes. Kris Freeman, a cross-country skier with diabetes, had a great quote that shows how dedicated these athletes are;
I don’t view food as something to enjoy. It’s just fuel. If I don’t need it, I don’t eat it.
While I’m not that extreme, I often thought, I don’t care what it taste like, if it’s good for me.

The mental side of sports has always intrigued me. I came across this article on the mental aspects of sports. I’d never heard of “offensive” and “defensive” mental skills, but the way they’re explained makes sense.

Finally, I’ll end with a little rant. As I was heading to practice the other night one of my neighbors was “walking” her dog. Actually, the dog was walking while she DROVE behind in a van and kind of PUSHED the dog along. WTF? It was like 30 degrees outside, so she can’t use the weather as an excuse for not taking her dog for a 10 minute walk. Usually I’m laid back, but shit like that really gets to me.


Susan said...

I really wished I didn't like food . . . mmmm, food.

Poor dog - people like that really irritate me.

E-Speed said...

oh that is terrible about the dog. poor thing.

Chad said...

Susan, he didn't say anything about maragritas.

The thing is the dog probably liked getting in some exercise - but how about some human interaction?