Thursday, April 22, 2010


Not much to report during my cutback week. I’ve been reading Born to Run. It’s not a “can’t put down” book for me, but it’s entertaining. I still think the author has taken some liberties with some of his writing. I’m not going to jump on the minimalist movement, but I have been trying to strengthen my feet. I’ve been doing strides once a week in some Nike Frees and also trying to do some of them barefoot – slowing increasing the number. I’ve also been wearing the Frees at work a few days a week, as well as walking around home barefoot on the weekends.

Yesterday I completed one of Daniels’ threshold workouts; 2 mile warmup, 4 x 6 minutes at threshold pace with 1 minute rest, then I took 5 minutes rest before doing another set of three reps.

I have a question regarding Facebook. I get the idea of keeping in touch with friends, but I don’t get the idea of joining all these groups. For example, there’s a group for Twin Cities Runners, Minnesota Runners, Minnesota Running, and Running Minnesota. What’s the point? Do all of these groups accomplish a different task? Personally, they don’t seem to provide much value – and I’m including my Running Minnesota group in that statement. I guess I just don’t understand how these groups are supposed to work.

Quote of the Day;

"Running is like building a house. The first ninety percent of the race takes ninety percent of your resources. The remaining ten percent of the race takes another ninety percent of your resources.” – John Jerome


Jim Flowers said...

I understand your issue with Facebook. A lot of organizations create a Facebook page just because everyone else is doing it or they think that is the way to be progressive. However, it is just another communication tool and if you don't use it to communicate than it doesn't serve a purpose. I am a member of some pages that put out training schedules, group runs, info about races, etc. which is useful and makes it worthwhile a lot of the others I never see them post anything.

Chad said...

Jim, I think you hit the nail on the head...everyone else is doing it.