Friday, April 30, 2010


What an Awesome April!? Besides having terrific weather and the Twins starting hot, I feel like a runner again. Right now I’m sitting at 287 miles for the month and I may try to squeeze in 5 or 6 more tonight. It’s a little surprising, but that’s my highest April ever – my previous high was 279, set back in 2005. My best May ever is 301 miles and I hope to break that this spring too.

Going hand-in-hand with a lot of miles (hopefully) is feeling a lot fitter. That seems to be the case for me right now, as I’m gaining confidence with each passing week. And that can only mean one thing – time for some new marathon shoes. Who better to ask for advice than Kurt of TCRC fame? After years of going with more of a lightweight trainer instead of a heavier racer for my marathons, I’ve decided to go lightweight again. I’m hoping my recent attempts to help build my foot strength through barefoot strides and the use of my Nike Frees, will allow me to handle a lighter shoe for 26.2.

This year’s shoe of choice is the Brooks Green Silence. Mostly likely, it’s the most unique shoe I’ve ever owned – and that’s saying a lot! Not only are they bright yellow and red, but the colors are exact opposite for each shoe. It’s hard to explain, so just look at the photo.
After reading some reviews online last night, I’m pretty excited about them. They’re less beefy/squishy than the Brooks Launch, but more sturdy than their T6. Best of all, if my calves seize up at mile 18 of Grandma’s Marathon, I can just blame Kurt. You see, it helps to have your alibis figured out well before the gun goes off. It’s just one less thing to worry about on race day.

Speaking of races, I did get into the Fat Tire 40. That’s September 18th, which is 2 weeks before TCM. I gotta figure out what that means for my summer and fall training. Do I want to so some other events that are on my “bucket list” like Paavo and a 50K? Or do I try to train for a fall marathon while including one day of mountain biking per week?

On to May...

Quote of the Day;

"No one knows the fear in a front runner’s mind more than me. When you set off at a cracking pace for four or five laps and find that your main rivals are still breathing down your neck, that’s when you start to panic.” – Ron Clarke


Gregg said...

Looks like April has been kind to you. Congrats!
I have been running in the Launch and love them, although I am currently looking for a marathon shoe as well. I tried the Brooks in the photo, they felt good in the store but I haven't made the purchase. I have purchased and worn a new pair of Asics Tarthers and they seem to be a good fit.
The Fat Tire 40 is a blast. I have done it twice and both times it HURT. Only advice is, somehow, get some long rides in. Don't worry about technical stuff, as FT40 is non-tech as far as mt. biking goes and it is fast! Time in the saddle will be your friend, but that is hard to do when one is training for running races. Either way, you will have so much fun in Hayward this fall. Enjoy!

Beth said...

Those shoes are pretty spiffy! Great job in april and thats great about the Fat Tire 40. You have a fun schedule lined up!

Chad said...

Gregg, I plan to run my first tempo run in them tomorrow. I'll let you know what I think. I saw the Tarthers in the store, but Kurt didn't recommend them.

Thanks for the info on the FT40. Can I run a marathon 2 weeks afterwards?