Monday, April 12, 2010


I had another solid week of training, as I put in 72 miles last week. In addition to some strides and Wednesday’s set of kilometer repeats on the treadmill, I had a solid 19-mile long run on Saturday with some tempo repeats thrown in. I’d like to have a similar week this week, except for a 25K trail race on Saturday. Then I’ll back my mileage down a little the following week prior to the Get in Gear 10K.

We all like to bitch about the nasty weather around here. But in all fairness, we should also mention the weather when it’s fantastic. We’ve definitely been spoiled here in Minnesota this April. It must have been near 70 yesterday. The ladies in Apple Valley were “treated” to my first shirtless run of the year.

Finally, be sure to check out my latest interview. In fact, you may want to bookmark this one and return to it anytime you’re about to talk yourself out of going for a run.

Quote of the Day;

"Like all areas of life; we are here to learn, grow and improve on a daily basis. Somebody once said, “wisdom is what you have some 30 years after you thought you knew it all.” - Ed Rousseau

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Gregg said...

Nice week Chad. The weather sure has been a joy. Maybe I will run into you at Get In Gear. I have the Fitgers 5K this Saturday.