Friday, February 05, 2010


I’m hoping to get in a longer ski today, but right now I’m stuck at work waiting for a couple of people that are helping me on a project.

Anyway, I think we have some awesome ski trails around here – especially for a metro area. However, none of them compare to these sweet trails.

I stole these photos from Garrott Kuzzy’s blog. Garrott’s from Minneapolis and was just named to the 2010 Olympic team - for nordic skiing (of course).

I’ve mentioned that being a blogger tends to generate emails in my in box from people wanting me to promote this or try that. Lots of times I just ignore them, sometimes I check things out without taking further actions, and sometimes I do in fact share them here. Well, since I love the Olympics – summer and winter – I thought I’d share an email I got from Liza the other day;

On February 12, the world will gather to watch top athletes from around the globe compete in the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Athletes from Team USA, who have been training their entire lives will take the stage to represent our country. I'm writing with the hope that you could share the news about Team USA with the readers of Simon Says Run.

Anyone who registers on will have access to the latest info and will receive exclusive updates throughout the games. I've put all that information including some very cool Team USA widgets and banners into this social media news release HERE.
I haven’t exactly figured out the widgets and banners thing and how to incorporate them into my blog, but I plan on doing it before the Games kickoff. I think (or at least, I hope) it’ll be a great way to track athletes that aren't getting all the air time on TV (cough, figure skaters, cough) – like Garrott Kuzzy and all the other nordic skiers – even the ones they give riffles to. If you like the Winter Olympics, be sure to check out the site above and spread the word using your blog, facebook page, twitter account, or whatever other social media is out there that I can’t keep track of.

Finally, thanks to Nick for figuring out why my Google Analytics is no longer working. It appears when I updated my templates, I lost the imbedded code.

Quote of the day;

“Some days are simply dialed. Today has been one of those days.” - Garrott Kuzzy


Julie said...

Hi Chad,
Oh my goodness, those pictures of Garrott's are absoluetly beautiful!! Who wouldn't want to ski with a view like that?

So where is Waldo, or I mean which one was Chad?

Have a great weekend Chad!

Chad said...

Julie, just look at the first part of my post on Feb 4th.

Beth said...

I love the Olympics! I agree, some sports we see too much of and hardly get to see the others. Enjoy your skiing!