Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Okay, lots of good stuff today, let’s see if I can tie it together with a bow.

First off, you’ve probably heard me mention Jared’s name here before, either regarding the interview I conducted with him, quotes of his that I used for the QOD, mention of his 2009 season in the Yearbook or my recap article. Or maybe I’ve let it slip that all the men in the Saturday morning group that I run with have a man-crush on him - or is it a “bromance”? In any case, Running Times must be taking notice of my blog, or at least of Jared’s performances, because they ran this full page article in their March edition.

Last year Jared dominated the 65-69 age-group from 5K to the Marathon. I think the only distance he didn’t race at was the Mile. Not that Jared’s scared of anything, or anyone, but I don’t blame him for avoiding the Mile because he would have had to face my latest interviewee; Rick Kleyman. As a 69-year-old last year, Rick busted out 6:01 and 6:05 miles on the roads. Luckily for Jared, Rick is now 70.

Finally, back in high school, Kurt was coached by Rick. Well, the other day Kurt posted a must-see video that highlights Coach Joe Newton and his York, IL high school x-c team. At the time of filming, his team was going for their 25th state title in like 45 years. More impressive than that was the way Coach Newton treated each of his kids and tried to instill life’s lessons through running. I don’t often say thing are “must-see” but this is one of them. Keep in mind this is a 90-minute movie, not a two-minute YouTube clip. Still, I believe it's worth a look.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Quote of the day;

“I think that the key to what success I have had in sports has been my tolerance for pain and discomfort.” – Jared Mondry

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