Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ever think you’ve chosen the wrong career path? That thought crossed my mind during a guided kayaking trip via Lutsen Resort. My oldest daughter, Kinsey, and I went on “a 3-hour tour” and I thought that the guide had it pretty good. He kayaked on Lake Superior in the morning and then on a calmer in-land lake in the afternoon. In the winter he leads cross-country skiing and snowshoeing tours. Sounds like a good gig if you can get it.

We also spent time riding the gondola at the ski hill, skipping rocks, playing shuffle board, swimming (in a pool), eating s’mores, and checking out Gooseberry Falls.

Monday I was supposed to run 9 miles with 4 x 5 minutes at 10K pace. Having never been to Lutsen before, I didn’t really know where to run. I knew there were some trails by the ski hill, including the Superior Hiking Trail, so I just parked at a trail head and started running. Note: it’s pretty hard to run confidently when you are on new trails and you have no idea where you’re going. One minute I was on a nice trail, then all the sudden I was running in wet knee-high grass. When that happened, I turn around and found a different trail. I ventured onto the Superior Hiking Trail only to find it incredibly rocky and rooty (is that a word?). I wasn’t so much “running” as I was doing that high knee tire drill that football players do.

Needless to say, there was no way I was going to manage 4 x 5 minutes at 10K pace. Instead, I managed 9 miles and just tried to run at a moderate pace when I had good footing. Then at the end of the run, I ran up to the top of the hill where the Alpine Slide is located. I would have loved to have a camera with me, but the thought of falling and landing on my camera crossed my mind.

Yesterday we had to check out by 11, so I didn’t want to “waste” time running. I thought I’d do it when I got back home, but I eventually talked myself out of running. I had lots of “good” excuses; 1) it was 8:45 PM by the time I would have started my run and the thought of running, even an easy 5-6 miles, and then getting up at 5 AM didn’t seem too appealing, 2) my hip was sore either from sitting in a car all day, running up ski hills, or kayaking (yeah, having to steer with my legs seemed awkward), 3) I’m used to Pfitz’s program where I was taking one day off per week and I’ve just run 10 days in a row. So I’m easing into fewer days off.

One of the nice things about Brad’s “adaptive” approach to training is that if I miss or change a workout, I’m just adapting to how my body is responding. So I shouldn’t have any guilty feelings.

This morning I ran 10 miles and was able to get in my 4 x 5 minutes at 10K pace.

Quote of the Day;

"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.” - Epictetus


Beth said...

I like the "adaptive" concept. Lately I've been adapting myself to eating cookies... hmmmm... I've never been to Lutsen but it sounds wonderful. I'll have to keep it in mind for next summer.

SteveQ said...

"Rooty" isn't just a word, it's a whole language. Ask those who've run the Sonju Lake section of the Superior Hiking Trail - it's a language made mostly of swear words.

You've taken the first tentative steps to joining the crazies of trail running. Welcome!

runnerinsight said...

Adapting to something or even someone is also a challenge to me. But as a bio teacher says: " The butterfly stays on its cocoon for a long time until it is ready to fly high." And so as with us, we are always capable to mold ourselves and adapt to every situation that we are in. : ) Thank you for this post.