Friday, July 17, 2009


We’ll start off today’s post with a little word of mouth. If you haven’t found it yet, be sure to check out Team USA Minnesota’s Matt Gabrielson’s blog. Rather than just spitting out a bunch of numbers regarding his training, Matt shares his insights into what it’s like to one of the best runners in the nation – and world. Follow along as he trains for the World Championship marathon that will be run in Berlin next month. That’s Germany. Not to be confused with New Berlin, Wisconsin.

Last year I blogged about the first annual Midsummer Night’s Run. Well, it’s that time again as the second annual event will be held on Thursday, August 13th. Mark your calendars for this small, low-key, 3 mile race through Cleary Lake Regional Park in Savage. Afterwards they had free beer, er, FREE BEER, from not 1, but 2 different local microbrews; Flat Earth and Surly. That alone makes the $30 entry fee worth it. So, while I’d love to finish in the top-3 again, I’d much rather have more people around to party with afterwards – as long as they don’t run out of beer. Who knows, maybe Katie McGregor will come out and party with us again.

Another thing I like about this race and next Wednesday’s Torchlight 5K is that I don’t have to waste a weekend running a 5K. I can mix them in during the middle of the week and then still get in my “real” training on the weekend.

I spent some time last night “adapting” the training plan I laid out 3 weeks ago to take into account the races I’ve decided to run. Torchlight will be my last race in the 35-39 age group. Hennepin Lakes Classic 10K will be my first race as a Master. Then I’ll drink beer, er, run at Midsummer Night’s. On Labor Day I’ll run Victory 10K followed by the City of Lakes 25K. That’s what I have tentatively planned at this time.

Yesterday I ran 12 miles, including 10 with Scott. Most of these were run through Hyland Park. With the terrain and the company, I can always count on these as being moderately hard runs. This morning I ran a very easy 5 miles with some strides. I may try to get in another 5 tonight.

Quote of the Day;

"People do not lack strength; they lack will." – Victor Hugo

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