Wednesday, July 01, 2009


All right, with all, er, I mean both of the comments left after yesterday’s post, I can tell you’re all dying to know the answer to the trivia question. In the early 80s, Grandma’s stopped timing at 4:30. This year that was probably the average time.

Working in marketing, we talk a lot about single variable testing – but only changing one thing it allows you to read the test results better. Well, that got me thinking. Since I’m already have a new training plan that I’m following, I basically have a built-in excuse not to do anything else differently. Therefore, I shouldn’t worry about adding in strength training, stretching, eating better, etc. If I didn’t do any of that prior to Grandma’s, I shouldn’t do it prior to Whistlestop.

Last year I volunteered on the TCM’s public relations committee and ended up writing a bunch of press releases and gathered bio info. After one year I thought my “talents” could be put to better use to serve the local running community. I wasn’t really sure what that would mean at the time, but now I do. I’m in the process of pumping new life back into Jack Moran’s Yearbook. For 20 years Jack create a year-end review of running in Minnesota that included Runner of the Year rankings by age-group along with commentary, top performances for the year and a list of all-time time performances. He “retired” after publishing his last book in 2005. That means the Yearbook has been sorely missed for 3 years. It’s time to bring it back.

I ran 6 miles this morning with 3 x 8 second hill sprints. It was 55 and misty again. I’m pretty sure that we’re only going to have one hot day this year. June 20th!

Quote of the Day;

"The marathon is an obsession. It has to be.” – Mark Bloom


Runnin-From-The-Law said...

I knew the cut-off was considerably faster than it is today. I thought I heard the average this year was like 4:39 or something considerably slower than previous years.

So how many times a week do you do the hill sprints? And is that just on easy days that you mix those in?

Dan said...

Glad to hear you're resurrecting the yearbook. Gosh and Mike have done a nice job of providing the ROY scoring and recently added the list of single year records. It will be nice to have the top 10 age group times updated. I've also missed the nice commentary that wnet along with the announcement of winners.

SteveQ said...

The slowdown is apparent at all race distances. In 1982, I ran the St. Patrick's Day 5 Mile (now Human Race 8K) in 25:29 and I wasn't in the top 50. Today, I'd be winning awards.

Thanks for taking on the yearbook!

Chad said...

Cindi, the program starts out with 2 hill workouts a week. Yes, they are on your easy days. You gradually work up to 8-10 reps. Then you replace one of the hill workouts with strides and drills.

Dan & Steve, don't thank me until you have a copy in your hand - and that's a long ways off.

Helen said...

Isn't that a new background picture... is it Fall yet??? Or are you just getting in the mood for Whistlestop??!

Chad said...

Helen, no that's the same background photo. I'm too lazy to change it.

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