Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Sometimes it takes a little while to get into the spirit of winter. When the temperature drops from 60 degrees in October to 20 degrees in November it can be a shock to the system. The other day I finally realized that I’m getting acclimated. I was all bundled up and shoveling snow when I thought, “I really love this.” I’m still not sure how people can live without all the seasons - then again, some people would say that we don’t really have a summer up here. To each their own, I guess.

I’ve been trying to add in one treadmill run a week where I progressively pick up the pace. Last night I ran 8 miles in just under an hour – dropping down to 6:49 pace for awhile. These runs will eventually turn into longer tempo runs as the winter progresses.

Yesterday’s snowfall made for a brutal commute home. I just had to keep reminding myself of how good the snow is for the x-c ski trails.

This morning I met Scott for one of our two weekly runs. It didn’t take us long to figure out that we both wanted to go skiing. We headed up to Hyland for Scott’s first-ever time on the skinny skis. For someone that didn’t grow up skiing – or at least, hockey skating – it’s not an easy sport. You have to maintain your balance as you move your arms and legs in unfamiliar ways over uneven terrain. He struggled, but I think he made improvements just within the 40 minutes or so that we skied. The good news is that he’s excited about it and eager to continue improving. Me too.

Quote of the Day;

“I'm super fired up for the new hobby!” - Scott

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