Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yesterday I did what I probably should have been doing all along, skiing in the morning and running in the evening.

I skied for an hour and the trails were in great shape – especially for this time of year. Then during the day it got up to 50 degrees (leave it to Minnesota to entirely skip the 40s, going from 30 to 50 in a day), so the ski season is definitely winding down.

Last night it was still 43 degrees at 7:45 so I decided to venture outside for my run. While it was nice to run in those temps, the footing was absolutely treacherous. In the dark, I couldn’t tell what was wet pavement, icy pavement, or just a big old puddle. Please note, my wife mocked my use of the word treacherous when describing my run.

Considering it was right around freezing this morning, I opted for 5 miles on the treadmill rather than face the slippery paths.

I mentioned picking up Again to Carthage, the sequel to Once a Runner, back in December. I also mentioned how the first 170 pages or so were pretty boring. As a result it took me awhile to get back into it. Now that I’m passed page 200, things are picking up, at least as far as the running part of the storyline.

This passage would have been a nice quote for yesterday’s post where I was talking about taking 80 mile weeks for granted;

It was an easy week leading up to the race, but Cassidy was surprised to see that even with travel and the race on the weekend he would still end up with well over a hundred miles. That’s the way it seems to go when you get to a plateau, he thought, it’s a lot easier to stay than it was to get there.
Speaking of racing, it's hard to believe that my favorite race, the Human Race 8K is this Sunday. I'm not expecting any earth-shattering results, but I am looking forward to kicking off the racing season and all of the enthusiasm that surrounds this event. I'm slowly getting the urge to write articles and conduct interviews again and I think that will continue to grow after this race.

Quote of the day;

“It's a shock to walk out of the active world where pretty much everyone is in shape into the sedentary world where there's a distain for physical fitness.” – Jim Graupner


keith said...

I'm glad you're looking forward to writing more articles and interviews. I've always found them immensely interesting and informative.

Good luck at the Human 8K.

Chad said...

Keith if my wife can mock my use of "treacherous" then I can mock your use of "immensely". However, I appreciate your feedback.