Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Ryan hit the nail on the head with his comment regarding lots of anxiety when it comes to setting a PR at Boston. And he asked why I put so much pressure on myself. I guess it just comes down to “wanting to run well” versus “wanting to run for fun”.

There are two things I know; 1) I don’t run well if I don’t train specifically for running and 2) I don’t race well with the attitude of just doing it for fun - I tried that at Boston in 2004 and ended up running my worst marathon – by far.

Heck, even prior to my ski race I thought I’d just go do it for fun, take in the sights and not worry about getting stuck behind people on the hills. However, once the race started that all went out the window and I focused on finishing as quickly as possible.

Maybe stating that I need to regain my love of the sport was a little strong. However, I need to regain something. I’ve heard about runners having to be careful after skiing all winter because they’re fit in a cardiovascular sense, but their legs aren’t ready for the pounding of the roads. That’s where I’m at now. My two runs over the weekend left my legs feeling as if I had run a marathon. That makes “just slipping back into the mileage I’m used to” a little difficult.

So that leads to anxiety, along with the fact that I haven’t done a decent workout in awhile. Hopefully my treadmill’s motor will be fixed soon to help with that since it doesn’t appear that the weather is going to warm up any time soon.

Anyway, we got some fresh snow this morning, so I skied for an hour. I’ll try to hop on my treadmill tonight in order to build up my running consistency.

Quote of the day;

“It’s nice to see that excitement of someone who just got out of college, because I think sometimes we get jaded as we get older. Everything is just a certain way. We still have fun, but everything’s not such a new experience anymore.” – Katie McGregor referring to Emily Brown in a recent interview

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