Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I’m still just trying to plug along here. I think I have yet to get used to Daylight Savings Time, as it’s still really difficult for me to get up at 5AM on a regular basis. I was able to get out this morning for an easy 9 miles. I’m hoping to get in a medium-long run tomorrow morning, but the forecast is calling for six more inches of slushy stuff. I’ll see what I can do.

I mentioned before that I haven’t really been following a plan for Boston. That kind of makes it too easy to just meander and not really get in any quality workouts. I was thinking that I’m really just getting by on 28 years of aerobic development. Sure there have been some recent hill workouts, but next to nothing when it comes to marathon paced runs or faster.

That got me thinking about my training for TCM this fall. I can’t just “wing it” and hope to break 2:50. I really need to figure out a plan of attack. While I agree with Lydiard and Daws, I’m too lazy to try and decipher their plans. So I was thinking about going back to Daniels or Pfitzinger. I know they say not to just copy a plan out of a book, but both plans have worked in the past for me.

The thought of getting a coach crossed my mind, but I’m too cheap to pay for one. If anyone out there is willing to crack the whip on my ass in an attempt to get me to run a fast fall marathon, shoot me an email, which can be found on my profile page. It worked for Mike with his Mystery Coach, maybe it’ll work here too.

In other news, I’ve posted links to the Team USA Minnesota runners' journals so much that I’m sure everyone has them bookmarked by now. But just in case you don’t, there have been lots of updates in the last two weeks or so. You can check them all out here. Now we just need someone to tell the guy who’s running the best on the team, Andrew Carlson, to update his journal too. We want a first-hand account of Jacksonville and New York City, where Andrew won the 15K and was 2nd in the 8K, respectively.

I stole today’s quote of the day from Derek’s post today. While agree with him, it’s a lot easier to not complain about the weather when you’ve just spent a week in Daytona Beach

“A March morning is as dull as he who walks in to it.” - Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac

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