Friday, September 14, 2007


In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m aware of the irony regarding writing about “My Best Day Ever” and then having my current running go in the tank. It’s times like these when I just remind myself I’ve been doing this for 28 years and no single race or single season makes a “career.”

The tables were turned yesterday as I stopped by the running store over lunch. My favorite (male) runner was working. Actually, he was looking through the magazine and came across my article and he “forced” me to autograph a copy.

Since – based on my question the other day – no one seems to care about the Olympic Marathon Trials, I talked with Matt and Adam about the upcoming race. Although Matt has qualified, he’s not going to run the race – instead he’ll focus on the track trials. So take that “inside information” into account when you place your bets. Based on our conversation, as well as my “research,” it’s pretty clear that this could be the deepest trials race since 1980. Meb, Abdi, Culpepper, Hall, Khalid, Sell, Browne, Gilmore, Ritz, Torres, Shay, Lehm, etc. Wow!!! I’m fired up just writing down their names.

Meb, Abdi and Hall seem to be the top-3 picks. Who are yours? Feel free to email me or leave a comment.

And speaking of local elite runners, one of Team Minnesota’s newest members, Emily Brown has written an introductory journal entry.

Quote of the day;

“In all honesty I chose the steeplechase because nobody else on the team really did it and I figured it was my best shot at traveling!” – Emily Brown


Anonymous said...

I would say the top 3 men at NYC will be.....
1. Abdi
2. Meb
3. Hall
4. Dathan
5. Khalid
6. Sell
7. Browne
8. Josh Rothinsky
9. Reneau
10. Culpepper

Chad said...


Thanks for the list - very interesting. Everyone I've talked to seems to have the same top-3 choices.