Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I was able to make a blood test appointment for this Friday. I could have gotten in sooner if I wanted to go all day without eating. I already have to fast for 12-14 hours, so it’ll be hard enough to make a 10:45 appointment.

I’ve been feeling a little better lately. I seem to have more energy at the end of the day – I can stay up past 8:30. And I’m able to get out of bed before 5:30. However, I’m not spending that time running. Instead, I have been more eager to do some writing. So I just head to the coffee shop and write for an hour, instead of going for a run.

I think I’m also feeling better because I’m okay with the way the year has played out. Sure I would have loved to PR at Grandma’s and then lower that time at TCM. However, as long as I had some success along the way and learned some other things, then that’s pretty good.

Things I think I learned, include; 1) Paying more attention to my diet. I need to add a multi-vitamin to my diet and it’s okay to substitute a steak for those brats once in awhile. 2) Spring success does not guarantee Summer or Fall success. 3) If I plan on running a Fall marathon I need to have a better plan – especially if it follows a late Spring marathon. 4) Fall marathon training needs to include mid-week, medium-long runs. Being hot, humid and buggy is not a good excuse.

As for writing, my latest article is a preview of the men’s Olympic Trials Marathon; the favorites, contenders, dark horses and the locals. This topic had me wondering this morning, “How many runners really care? Do the vast majority of runners follow the elites or are they only concerned with their own running?” Of course, there’s a thread on this topic. I’ve been checking it out some to make sure I’m not way off base with my thoughts.

More enthusiasm for writing includes interviews. Here’s my latest.

Quote of the day;

“My fondest triathlon memories recall being one of the Minnesota pioneers of a new sport, as I started multi-sport racing in 1983. It was an era of trial and error, as there was no literature that provided guidance for triathlon training. I remember sharing training and racing days with people who were passionate about the new sport of triathlon. And I want to say that in the early days of the sport, the focus was on novel and extending challenges, not on equipment and gadgets and nutritional supplements.” - Matt Haugen

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