Tuesday, March 07, 2006

2006 GOALS

I haven’t run yet today. I plan on getting in 5 over lunch and then 10-12 with hills/stairs this evening. I just had lots on my mind, so I wanted to write this post.

With all the race reports yesterday, somehow I missed Bart’s awesome report from Napa. There’s nothing like a 24-minute PR in tough conditions. Up next: sub-3.

I recently mentioned my friend Casey and his 1,000-mile summer while in college. Well, I had lunch with Casey yesterday. Even though we work a suburb apart, it was the first time I’ve seen him in probably 2 years. And guess what brought us together? I question he had on heart rate monitors. Go figure. After a hiatus from running he started back up on January 1st and has even signed up for Grandma’s. He wanted to know which HRM to buy and I told him he could have one of my old ones – he’d just have to replace the battery. It turns out my new office will be very close to Casey’s house, so maybe we’ll be able to hook up for some training runs in the near future.

Elizabeth recently spelled out her goals for the upcoming season and that’s something I’ve been meaning to do too. Here’s a list of 2006 goals that I’ve come up with so far;

1) PR at Grandma’s.
2) Sub-2:55 at Grandma’s.
3) Focus on high mileage over the summer, rather than racing.
4) Meet one of the Minnesota age-group standards.*
5) Top 2 in my age-group at my alumni race.
6) PR at Chicago.

*Minnesota has a data center that ranks runners in 5-year increments, based on their times at different distances. To be eligible, you have to run a qualifying time. These times have been set, based on how many people historically achieve them. So the more popular distances, like 5k, 8k, 10k and half, will have harder standards, relatively speaking, compared to distances that aren’t raced as frequently, like 12k (only 1 in the whole state), 20k, 25k and 30k. For example, the 35-39 age-group standard for the half is 1:17:45 (5:56 pace) yet the standard for the 20K is only 1:17:00 (6:12 pace).

For my age-group the easiest standards to achieve would be;

30k 2:00:30 (6:28 pace)
20k 1:17:00 (6:12 pace)
15k 56:00 (6:00 pace)
12k 43:40 (5:51 pace)
25k 1:36:15 (6:12 pace)
Marathon 2:48 (6:25 pace)

The hardest would be;

8k 26:55 (5:25 pace)
10k 34:00 (5:28 pace)
5k 16:30 (5:19 pace)

30k, 20k and maybe even 15k seem doable to me – but, again, there are only a handful of races of those distances during the year.

I’m not sure what kind of coverage Kirby Puckett’s death is getting nationally, but in Minnesota it’s a HUGE story. I was still in Wisconsin when he led them to their first championship and in the Navy during the second championship, so I wasn’t around during his prime. From everything I’ve read or heard; he was the most beloved athlete around - by fans, teammates and even opponents. He had a bunch of family members die at a young age and apparently he knew he wouldn’t make it passed 50. He died at the age of 45 after suffering a massive stroke. Even if you’re not a baseball fan and have no idea who Kirby Puckett is, the article I linked above is still worth the time to read.

Quote of the day:
“A goal unwritten is a wish.” Unknown


Duncan Larkin said...

Kirby Puckett was one of my favorite baseball players. I have about 10 of his rookie cards. He personified the good side of baseball. What a damn shame.

Trisaratops said...

I am so sad about Kirby. He was so young. He was really a class act--always had a smile on his face, and how many guys end up on the same team they start with? Bummer....still bummed. My little bro and I used to pretend we were him when we would practice swinging in our backyard--the leg kick and all. :)

Bart said...

Thanks for the kind words. I wanted to let you know that during the last few miles of the marathon I was thinking a lot about the mental side of racing that you had recently mentioned in your blog. From about mile 24 until I started pushing the last half mile or so I was repeating over and over to myself "the body can do it if the mind will let it." I didn't plan on having a mantra. It just hit me as I started to struggle. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

looks like some good goals for the year...

i heard about kirby on the radio and couldn't believe it...45 is so young! made me realize how lucky we are for each year with our loved ones...

E-Speed said...

Good Goals! Isn't it nice getting them down "on paper"?

And the great thing about blogged goals? They are reviseable ;)